Rylea Smith’s walk off in eighth gives Kentucky the SEC Series win over Alabama

KB Sides grounds out to third base as Alabama with their first out, Alexis Mack grounded out to Grace for the second out, Bailey Hemphill walked getting on base but Kaylee Tow strikes out ending the  top of first inning. Kayla Kowalik flies out to left field, Lauren Johnson singles through left to get on base, Erin Coffel singles as well for Johnson to advance to second and Coffel to first. Autumn Humes flies out for the Cats second out of the innings, and Tatum Spangler grounds out to second ending the inning leaving both Alabama and Kentucky scoreless after one.

Lexie Kilfoyl grounds out to short stop and Claire Jenkins fouls out to left field gives the Tide two out already, Savannah Woodard singles to right field to get on base. Alabama is on the board first as Maddie Morgan doubles down the left field line to score in Savannah Woodard for the Tide to take a 1-0 lead. Brown grounds out to third and gets out, ending the inning for the Tide as they take a 1-0 lead into the bottom of the second.  Grace Baalman grounds out to second, Miranda Stoddard strikes out, and Renee Abernathy gets out ending the inning as Alabama leads 1-0.

KB Sides double to left field to get on second base, Alexis Mack gets the first out of the game as she lined out to center. Bailey Hemphill grounds out to second, as Sides advanced to third. Kaylee Tow walks to advance to first for the Tide to have players on the corners with two outs. Lexi Kilfoyl walks for Tow to move to second with bases loaded and just two outs. Claire Jenkins lines out to left field, she’s out ending the inning without any Alabama runs. Rylea Smith pops up to first, Kayla Kowalik fouls out to left field, and Lauren Johnson grounds out for Alabama to still lead 1-0 after three.

Savannah Woodard doubles down right field line, but Maddie Morgan lines out to center and Brown grounds out, allows Woodard advanced to third with two outs. KB Sides walks with players on the corners. Alexis Mack lines out to short stop to save the inning and not allowing Savannah Woodard to score. Erin Coffel strikes out swinging and Autumn Humes grounds out to short stop earning the Cats two outs already. Tatum Spangler singles to left field getting on first base, but Grace Baalman flies out to right field ending the inning for the Tide to still lead 1-0 at the end of four.

Grace Baalman makes quick work in the fifth as she gets three up, three down and a second strike on Kaylee Tow. Miranda Stoddard and Renee Abernathy both ground out to short stop and Rylea Smith grounding out to second base will end the fifth for the Cats to remain scoreless.

Claire Jenkins doubles to get on base. Savannah Woodard singles with Claire Jenkins to third. Maddie Morgan flies out to left field with a SAC fly, Woodard to second and Jenkins scores a run for the Tide. Brown walks, KB Sides reaches base on a fielder’s choice with Brown advancing to second but Woodard is out at third. Alexis Mack walks with Sides to second and Brown to third. Bailey Hemphill doubles down the left field line for Mack to reach third and Sides and Brown to score two more. Kaylee Tow grounds to short stop and the Tide takes a 4-0 lead into the bottom of the sixth.  Kayla Kowalik singles to left to get on base. Lauren Johnson lines out to left field. Kentucky is finally on the board as Erin Coffel hits a home run and scores in Kayla Kowalik. Autumn Humes grounds out to third, and Tatum Spangler singles up the middle to reach second. Grace Baalman singles to left center and Spangler advances to third.  Spangler and Baalman on the corners for the Cats with just two outs but Miranda Stoddard strikes out swinging ending the sixth as they trail Alabama just 4-2.

Autumn Humes with a 1-2-3 inning in the seventh doesn’t allow the Tide to score. Kentucky gets back to back jacks from Renee Abernathy and Rylea Smith to tie up the game. Kentucky can’t get anything else in the seventh so it sends us to extra innings.

Taylor Clark popped out to short stop as Erin Coffel catches it. Elissa Brown will reach second on a fielding error but Autumn Humes strikes out KB Sides and Alexis Mack. Tatum Spangler walks Grace Baalman strikes out but Tatum Spangler advances to second on a wild pitch and then advances to third on a throwing error. Miranda Stoddard intentionally walks; Renee intentionally walks for Miranda Stoddard to advance to second. Rylea Smith singles through the left and Tatum Spangler scores a run for the Cats to take the series over Alabama.

Final/ 8 Kentucky 5, Alabama 4

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