Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

Mississippi State with a 1-2-3 inning and Kentucky is scoreless to start the first inning. Mississippi State with bases loaded and just one out, Bulldogs get a run across home plate but get an out and players on the corners but that’s all they get across to have a 1-0 lead after one. Kentucky already with two outs, Coltyn Kessler with a double to get on base but Reuben Church gets out leaving the Cats still scoreless. Bulldogs get nothing across the board in the second as they still lead 1-0. Kentucky remains scores after the third. Rowedy Jordan is hit by a pitch, Hagenow with his fifth strike out. Miss State with players on the corners, Luke Hancock with a SAC fly for Rowedy Jordan to score a run for the Bulldogs for them to lead 2-0 after three. Another 1-2-3 inning for the Cats including a strike out leaves Kentucky still scoreless. Miss State with two on base, Hagenow with this third HBP of the game. Kentucky will change pitchers, with two outs, and then Miss State has bases loaded. James walks to get in another run for the Bulldogs, Kamin with a strike out ends the innings for the Bulldogs to only get one run across. Kentucky trails 3-0 after four. Back to back strike outs for McCloud, and he gets another to keep the Cats scoreless. Nothing for Miss State in the fifth, they lead 3-0. Miss State with a home run in the sixth and Kentucky is still scoreless, Bulldogs lead 4-0. Kentucky finally strikes in the seventh getting a run in by a wild pitch, nothing across for Miss State, Kentucky trails 4-1. Miss State has added four runs here in the eighth, they lead 8-1.

Final Miss State 8, Kentucky 1

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