Kentucky vs. Tennessee

Ashley Rogers already with back to back strikes on Kayla Kowalik and Lauren Johnson, Erin Coffel is hit by a pitch to get on base with two outs. Autumn Humes with a strike and Kentucky gets nothing across the board, Tennessee with a base hit to get Amanda Ayala on first, and she steals second, Caitlin with a RBI double score in Amanda Ayala to get Tennessee on the board first. Autumn Humes with a strike, and Tennessee with another hbp to have players on first and second, and Renee Abernathy with a catch to only allow the Lady Vols just one run in the inning, they lead 1-0.Nothing across the board for Kentucky in the second, Autumn Humes allows just one player on base, but a catch keeps the Vols from scoring in the second. Kayla Kowalik with a home run in the third gets the Cats on the board and ties up the game. Amanda Ayala with a home run, she scores in K. Parsons, A. Morgan singles and C. Hannon scores, and K. Milloy singles to short stop to score in T. Pointedexter for the Vols to take a 5-1 lead in the fifth. A. Morgan singles through left to score in Amanda Ayala for another Vols run, they lead 6-1.

Final Tennessee 6, Kentucky 1

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