Battle of the Bluegrass: Kentucky vs. Louisville

 Ryan Ritter hits a Big Blue Bomb for a three-run home run in the second inning for the Cats to take a 3-0 lead. Louisville gets on the board and gets three runs as well to tie things up. Ryan Ritter with a hit to deep left center field and he gets in three more for Kentucky to lead 6-3. Kentucky scores two more to have an 8-3 lead in the third, but Louisville hits a home run and gets two more runs in the third as well. Ryan Ritter with a double, Schultz with a base hit will score Ritter in for the Cats to add a run in the fifth, Kessler with a sac fly will score in Austin Schultz and the Cat will lead 10-5. Louisville gets a home run in the sixth to tack on another run. Ryan Ritter with a single and error scores in a run in the eighth, and Louisville scores one more run.

Final Kentucky 11, Louisville 7

Kentucky wins the first game of the two game series this season, the first one was at Louisville, and Kentucky will host Louisville the 20th.

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