Kentucky vs. Bellarmine

Zach Kammin goes through Bellarmine’s first in order getting a pair of strikeouts to leave the Knight’s scoreless. Kentucky with a great start in the first inning, just six batters in and they lead 3-0, Jake Plastiak with three run Big Blue Bomb right to center field will give the Cats a 6-0 lead after one inning. Austin Schultz with a Big Blue Bomb adds another run for the Cats. Kentucky still leads 7-0 after three; Zach Kammin so far with 3 innings pitched, only allowing 2 hits, no run, and seven strikes. John Rhodes with an RBI double will get a run across for the Cats in the sixth, that’s all the Cats get but lead 8-0 after six. Kentucky tacks on two more runs in the seventh to lead 10-0.

Final Kentucky 12, Bellarmine 0

This marks the 21st win of the season and the Cats third in shout-out fashion, Kentucky will head to Athens to take on Georgia in SEC play this Friday- Sunday

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