Battle of the Bluegrass: 14 Kentucky vs. Louisville

Makayla Hurst with a home run out to right field to get Louisville on the board first in the second inning, Erin Coffel with a solo home run ties up the game, 1-1 after two. Louisville with bases loaded, no outs, fielder’s choice and a RBI for Taylor Roby scores in Servi and Makayla Hurst with a SAC fly out to left field, Newman scores, Tatum Spangler with a SAC fly to left field and Miranda Stoddard scores, Cats trail the Cards 3-2. Funke with a SAC fly, Butler scores to double the Cardinal lead in the fourth. Mallory Peyton singles to the pitcher, Johnson to third, and Kayla Kowalik scores. Renee Abernathy flies out to center, Erica Thulen scores to tie up the game in the fifth, 4-4. Chung singles to center field, Carmyn Greenwood scores a run for the Cards to put them up 5-4. Lauren Johnson doubles out to left field and Tatum Spangler will score to tie the game up again at 5-5 after seven, extra innings coming up here in Lexington. Three up, three down for Autumn Humes in the eighth, Kentucky doesn’t score either so we head to the ninth tied up at 5-5. Another three up, three for Humes in the ninth, Jaci Babbs singles with a bunt, Kayla Kowalik singles to left field, Babbs to second. Tatum Spangler flies out to left field but Kowalik advances to second, Babbs to third, Lauren Johnson flies out to right field, SAC fly and Jaci Babbs scores a run in the ninth.

Final/9 14 Kentucky 6, Louisville 5

Kentucky wins the Battle of the Bluegrass in extra innings over Louisville at John Cropp Stadium, Kentucky will host LSU this weekend at John Cropp Stadium starting on Friday.

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