Kentucky vs. EKU

Nothing across the board for EKU in the first, Kentucky gets on the board first as Coltyn Kessler singles to left field, he scores in TJ Collett for the Cats to take a 1-0 lead in the first inning. EKU gets on board as Kendall Ewell reaches on a fielder’s choice and he scores in Will King to tie the game up. C. Ludwick singles to center, he scores in Daniel Harris IV to take the lead, Max Williams doubles to right field and Santiago Peralta and Charles Ludwick score two more, and Will King singles to right field and Max Williams scores for the Colonels to take a 5-1 lead over Kentucky. TJ Collett singles singles to fright field, Schultz to third, and Chase Estep scores, Oraj Anu grounds out to third but Austin Schultz scores, adn Coltyn Kessler hits a BIg Blue Bomb and scores in TJ Collett and we are all tied up here in Lexington at 5-5 in the fifth. Kendall Ewell singles to left field and Logan Thomason scores for the Colonels to take back the lead. Ryan Ritter doubles to right field to scores in Drew Grace and John Rhodes for the Cats to take the lead in the eighth.

Final Kentucky 7, EKU 6

Kentucky makes a comeback after trailing 5-1, the Cats will travel to Knoxville to take on Tennessee starting on Thursday.

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