Kentucky vs. Florida

Cam Hill with a two-out single out to right field scores in Oraj Anu and Zeke Lewis to get Kentucky on the board in the second, they lead 2-0. Jud Fabian hits a home run out to center field and Nathan Hickey scores for the Gators to tie things up in the third. Jud Fabian with a solo home run gives the Gators the lead. Austin Schultz singles to right field and Cam Hill scores to tie up the game again. John Rhodes singles, TJ Collett walks and Austin Schultz scores to put the Cats back up top, 4-3. Florida scores a run in the eighth and we are tied right back up.Cam Hill reaches base on a fielder’s choice, Lewis out at second, Ritter to third, and Leibert scores to put the Cats back up front in the eighth. Cory Acton singles to center field, Kris Armstrong to second, and Jacob Young scores to tie things up again, Kendrick Calilao hits a home run to center field, Acton and Armstrong scores to take a 8-5 lead in the ninth. 

Final Florida 8, Kentucky 5

Florida takes the  second game of the series and we’ll have a rubber match tomorrow.

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