Kentucky vs. Florida

Jud Fabian with a SAC fly out to right field, Nathan Hickey scores to get on the board first.  Jacob Young singles up the middle, Acton to third, and Calilao scores for a 2-0 Gator lead. Calilao singles to center field, Armstrong scores a run, they lead 3-0. Florida scores another run to make it 4-0.  Florida gets another run in the eighth. Coltyn Kessler with a Bib Blue Bomb out to right field gets the Cats on the board, Oraj Anu follows him with a Big Blue Bomb as well to make it 5-2. Jacob Young singles through the left side Acton and Riviera scores, Nathan Hickey doubles down the right field line, Young and Greenfield score two more, Gators lead 9-2.

Final Florida 9, Kentucky 2

Florida wins the series

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