South Carolina sweeps Kentucky in home closer

Kentucky looks to close out the final home game of the season with a win after losing back to back games to South Carolina.

We start off with a scoreless inning as Kentucky is able to keep South Carolina at bay, and South Carolina doesn’t allow the Cats to score either. South Carolina gets on the board first as Eyster doubles down the left field line, he scores in Callil, Sightler hits a two-run home run, scoring in Eyster to give the Gamecocks a 3-0 lead in the third. Eyster with a SAC fly to center field, Callil to third, Milone scores, Clarke with a double to center, Allen and Callil score. Kentucky is on the board as Oraj ANu grounds out to second, Coltyn Kessler to third, John Rhodes score, they trail 6-1 after four. Heinrich reaches base on a fielder’s choice, advacnes to second, Wimmer advances to third on a throwing error by the pitcher and scored a run.  Cam Hill triples to right center, Oraj Anu scores,Austin Schultz singles to right field, Zeke Lewis to second, Cam Hill scores, Cats trail 7-3 after six. Allen single to left, Burgess to second, Hienrich and Wimmer score, Eyster singles up the middle, Allen to second, Burgess scores. Chase Estep Sac fly to left field, Kessler to third, Rhodes score, Ryan Ritter Sac fly Coltyn Kessler scores and the Cats cut the lead in half, 10-5, that’s all the damage the Cats do after bases loaded and no outs, they were able to score two runs but they got two outs while doing so, Jaren Shelby strikes out ending the  seventh inning. John Rhodes grounds out into a double play from shortstop to second to first, TJ  Collett is out as well, Austin Schultz to third, but Zeke Lewis gets just one run across for the Cats in the eighth, they trail 10-6. Eyster singles to left field, Callil scores in the ninth.

Final South Carolina 11, Kentucky 6

South Carolina sweeps Kentucky as they close out their final home series of the season. Kentucky will host Tennessee Tech at home on Tuesday then close out their regular season on the road with a series at Vanderbilt.

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