Kentucky closes out non-conference with win

Tennessee Tech is on the board first as E. Johnson singles to shortstop, Bryant IV to second, Lacy to third, and Gilliland scores. B. Roberts  singles to center field, E. Johnson  to third, Bryatn IV and Lacy score to have a 3-0 lead. Austin Schultz with a Big Blue Bomb out to left field, he scores in Zeke Lewis and Alfonso Rubalcaba to tie up the game, Cam hill grounds out to first, Kessler to second, Rhodes to third, allows Collett to score and Kentucky will take the lead in the second. That is short lived as Tenn Tech’s Hinchamn hits a solo home run to tie things up. Zeke Lewis doubles to left field, Chase Estep scores and the Cats go back up top in the third. 5-4. Ryan Ritter scores on a wild pitch to make it 6-4 in the fifth. Cam Hill hits a solo Big Blue Bomb out to right center, making 7-4 in the seventh. Zeke Lewis scores on a wild pitch to tack on a run in the eighth.

Final Kentucky 8, Tennessee Tech 4

Kentucky closes out their non-conference schedule with a win over Tennessee Tech, they will travel to Nashville to take on Vanderbilt to close out their conference schedule and regular season before heading to Hoover, Alabama for the 2021 SEC Baseball Tournament which begins on May 25th.

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