Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt

TJ Collett with a solo Big Blue Bomb gets the Cats on the board in the first inning, Dillion Marsh with a 1-2-3 inning gets anothing across for Vanderbilt as Kentucky will have 1-0 lead after one. Chase Estep singles to center field, John Rhodes to third, TJ Collett scores, Vanderbilt gets a player on base but Kentucky is able to survive the 4th inning and lead 2-0. Vanderbilt is on the board as Rodriguez singles to left field, Keegan to second, Thomas and Bredfield Jr. scores to tie up the game. Vanderbilt takes the lead as Thomas singles through the left, Bradfield to second as LaNeve and Kolwyck score,  Bulget hits a solo home run to make 5-2, LaNeve hits a home run, Kolwyck and Rodriguez score to make it 8-2.

Final Vanderbilt 8, Kentucky 2

Vanderbilt clinches the series, series finale is tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET.

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