NCAA Tournament Lexington Regional Final: Notre Dame Game 1

So much is at stake here for the Kentucky Wildcats as they have to win two games to advance to the super regionals. Kentucky was off to a great start as they defeated Northwestern in the first game of the regional to advance to the winner’s bracket, they were off to a good start in the first game against Notre Dame but the Fighting Irish would dominate and win sending the Cats to the elimination game, where they would play Northwestern again and would defeat the Wildcats a second time to get where they are now. A win for the Cats today would send us to a seventh game, a loss would end their season.

Kentucky is on the board as Erin Coffel singles up the middle, single RBI will score in Kayla Kowalik, Mallory Peyton doubles to left, she scores in Erin Coffel as the Cats lead 2-0, Renee Abernathy with a two-run home run , she brings in Mallory Peyton to make it 4-0. Three up, three down for Autumn Humes as the Fighting Irish are sent down in order, Kentucky leads 4-0 after one. Kayla Kowalik with an RBI double scores in Miranda Stoddard, Tatum Spangler singles and scores in Kayla Kowalik, Autumn Humes is now six up, six down, not allowing the Fighting Irish to do any damage, the Cats lead 6-0 after two.Notre Dame doesn’t allow the Cats to score in the third,Autumn Humes now nine up, nine down, they still lead 6-0 after three.Kentucky gets one on base but doesn’t score, Notre Dame gets two, but no damage was made, so Kentucky still leads 6-0 after four. Nothing across the board for either team, Kentucky leads 6-0 after five. A solo home run for Tatum Spangler  tacks on a run for the Cats, a 1-2-3 inning for Autumn Humes, Kentucky leads 7-0 after six.  

Final Kentucky 7, Notre Dame 0

Kentucky shuts-out Notre Dame here in Game 6 to force a winners take all, the game will be on the ESPN app in about 45 minutes from now.

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