SEC Tournament: Alabama vs. South Carolina recap

A 1-2-3 inning for South Carolina sends the Alabama order down the line, no score for the Tide in the first, Alabama sends South Carolin down in order, scoreless after one. Nothing across the board for either team in the second. Caden with a strikeout, but a wild pitch allows him to reach first, another wild pitch moves him to second, Peyton with a double brings in Caden to put the Tide on the board, Diodati with a single brings in two for the Tide to lead 3-0, Jackson Tate with a three-run home run make it 6-0 Alabama, nothing for South Carolina and the Tide will take a 6-0 lead into the fourth. Hammy with a double scores in a run, Praytor with a hit to center that is caught but that allows  Wilson to come home and score, South Carolina with a two- run home run gets them on the board, but that’s all they get in the fourth, Tide leads 8-2. Alabama tacks on a run, Wes Clarke with a solo home run, Tide leads 9-3 after six.

Final Alabama 9, South Carolina 3

Alabama will face Tennessee tomorrow.

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