SEC Tournament: Florida

Austin Schultz gets on base as he is hit by a pitch, TJ Collett doubles down the right field line, Schultz to third, Coltyn Kessler strikes out swinging, John Rhodes also strikes out, and so does Plastiak to leave two on base for the Cats, no score. Florida is on the board as Jacob Young hits a solo home run and S. Thompson singles through the left side, advances to second on a throw, Caalilao to third, Hickey scores and the Gators lead 2-0 after one.

Ryan Ritter flies out to left field, Zeke Lewis doubles down the right field line, advances to third on a passed ball, Cam Hill singles to pitcher, Hill advances to second and Lewis is out at home after being caught stealing, CHase Estep strikes out swinging to end the ending, they trail 2-0. Acton grounds out to third base, Guscette lines out to third, Young strikes out swinging to end the inning, Gators still lead 2-0 after two.

Florida’s Mace with a 1-2-3 inning as Schultz grounds out to third, Collett strikes out swinging, and Kessler strikes out swinging as well. Hickey out at first, Fabian flies to left field, Calilao is hit by a pitch, McMullen is as well, Calilao to second, and S. Thompson is out at first, a scoreless inning, Gators with a 2-0 lead after three.

John Rhodes starts off the inning with a hbp, JAcob Plastiak follows him by striking out swinging, Ryan Ritter singles up the middle, John Rhodes  goes to third, Zeke Lewis strikes out but Ryan Ritter steals second, Cam Hill is out at first, they trail 2-0. J. Rivera strikes out swinging, Acton popped up to shortstop, Guscette walks, J. Young singles to center, Guscette to second, Hickey is hbp, Young to second, Guscette to third, Fabian pops up to shortstop, Gators with a 2-0 lead after four.

Chase Estep is out at first, Austin Schultz singles through right, TJ Collet flies out for the second out of the inning, Coltyn Kessler singles to right and Austin Schultz goes to third, players on the corners, two outs. John Rhodes doubles down the left field line, Coltyn Kessler  to third, Austin Schultz scores and Kentucky is on the board, Jacob Plastiak walks, but Ryan Ritter fouls out, Cats trail 2-1.  Calilao walks to starts off the bottom of the fifth, McMullen strikes out swinging, S. Thompson reaches on fielder’s choice to second, Calilao advances to third. Acton singles, Rivera to second, Thompson to third, Calilao scores. Guscette reaches on a fielder’s choice to second, Acton out at second, Rivera to third, Thompson scores, Gators lead 4-1 after five.

Zeke Lewis strikes out, Cam Hill singles to second, he advances on a wild pitch, Estep grounds out, Hill to third, Schultz fouls out, a 1-2-3 inning for Daniel Harper as Hickey grounds out, Fabian strikes out, and Calilao flies out, Gators take a 4-1 lead into the seventh.

 TJ Collett flies out to left field, Coltyn Kessler grounds out to second, John Rhodes singles up the middle, Jacob Plasitak reaches on a fielding error, Rhodes to second,  Ryan Ritter fouls out,  McMullen strikes out to start their inning, Thompson flies out to center field as Cam Hill goes long to make the catch,

Riviera flies out to left field, Gators still lead 4-1 after seven.

Zeke Lewis grounds out to shortstop, Cam Hill walks, Chase Estep reaches base on a fielder’s choice to second, Hill is out at second, Austin Schultz strikes out swinging. Acton singles to center field, Guscette flies out to right field, Young walks, Acton to second, Hickey walks, Young to second, Acton to third, the Gators have bases loaded and just one out, Fabian lines out to second base, Calilao flies out to center field, Cam Hill goes long again to make the catch and keep Florida from scoring, Florida takes a 4-1 lead into the ninth.

TJ Collett flies out to left field to start off the inning, Coltyn Kessler is on base as he singles to center field, John Rhodes singles and Coltyn Kessler advances to second, Rhodes to second, Kessler to third on a wild pitch, Jacob Plasitak strikes out looking, Oraj Anu grounds out to short stop.

Final Florida 4, Kentucky 1

Kentucky exits the SEC Tournament early, season might have ended if htey don’t make it to the NCAA Tournament.

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