SEC Tournament: Miss State vs. Tennessee recap

Tennessee is on the board as Derkay hits a three-run home run, Lipcuis and Russell score, Spence singles to center, Pavalony scores as nteh Vols leads 4-0 after two. Miss State is on the board as Allen singles to left field, Jordan to third, Skinner scores, they trail Tennessee 4-1. Beck with a solo home run for the Vols in the fourth, they lead 5-1. Gilbert singles to right field, Ferguson to third, Spence scores, Vols leads 6-1. Gilbert steals scend, Ferguson scores, it’s now 7-1 after five. Ferguson singles to right field, Spence to second, Pavalony scores, Tennessee leads 8-1after six. James reaches on a fielder’s choice, Tanner scores for the Bulldogs to tack on a run in the eighth, Spence walks,Pavalony to second, Derkay to third, Beck scores, Ferguson doubles, Spence to third, Spence and Derkay score, Gilbert doubles, Ferguson and Spence to score two more

Final/8 Tennessee 12, Miss State 2

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