SEC Tournament: Vanderbilt vs. Arkansas recap

Vanderbilt is on the board as Rodreguiz doubles down the left field line, Bulger and Keegan both score to put the Commodores up 2-0 after one. Arkansas is on the board as  Bates singles through the right, Franklin scores. Goodheart is hit by a pitch, Moore scores to tie up the game, we are tied at 2-2 after two.  Vanderbilt with a walk, bases loaded and they gets a run across the plate to take back the lead 3-2. Goodheart doubles to left, Battles and Bates score, Smith singles down right field line, Goodheart scores, Razorbacks  take back the lead, 5-3 after four. Vanderbilt with a solo home run to start off the fifth, for the Commodores to just trail 5-4. Bates flies out to center field, Moore scores to make it 6-4.

Final Arkansas 6, Vanderbilt 4

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