June 5th- June 11th NBA Playoff recap

June 5th

Brooklyn takes the first game of the series between the Nets and the Bucks, defeating them 115-107.

June 6th

Atlanta defeat Philadelphia, 128-124, to take the first game of the series, leads 1-0

Clippers defeat Mavericks, 126-111, to win the series, 4-3


Tyrese Maxey played for 13 minutes, scored 6 points, and had 2 rebounds


Rajon Rondo- played for 9 minutes, scored 3 points

June 7th

Brooklyn defeats Milwaukee, 125-86, they lead the series 2-0

Phoenix defeats Denver 122-105 to take the first game

Devin Booker played for 38 minutes, scored 21 points, adn had 4 rebounds, 8 assists, and 1 steal

June 8th

Philadelphia defeats Atlanta 118-102, the series is tied 1-1

Jazz defeats Clippers 112-109, Jazz leads 1-0


Tyrese Maxey- played for 5 minutes, and had 1 rebound and 2 assists


Rajon Rondo- 28 minutes, 5 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists

DeMarcus Cousins- 3 minutes, 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 block

June 9th

Phoenix defeats Denver 123-98, to take a 2-0 series lead

Devin Booker- 33 minutes, 18 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal

June 10th

Bucks defeats Nets 86-83, Nets lead 2-1

Jazz defeats Clippers 117-111, Jazz leads 2-0

DeMarcus Cousins- 11 minutes, 6 points, 4 rebounds

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