Eastern Conference Final: Game 5

Milwaukee is on the board first with a basket, followed by a 3 pointer, but Atlanta gets a basket to get on the board, Milwaukee with a basket and another 3 pointer, they have an early 10-2 lead over Atlanta. Atalnta gets a three pointer, Milwaukee with  free throws making both of them. Milwaukee with back to back baskets, Atlanta makes both their free throws, but the Bucks get back to back baskets to have a 20-7 lead as the Hawks are struggling in the first quarter as Milwaukee is having a field day here with Bobby Portis leading them. Atlanta hits a 3 pointer, Milwaukee with an alley-oop. Atlanta keeps struggling as Milwaukee just keeps increasing their lead here, a 20-5 run for the Bucks to have a 30-10 lead. The Hawks conjure up something near the end of the quarter but the Bucks will lead, 36-22.

Milwaukee starts the second quarter off with a basket, Atlanta with free throws. Atlants is trying to get close but hte Bucks seem to always have an answer they lead,44-30. Atlanta hits a  3 pointer, Milwaukee still up by 15 points. They have a 50-35 lead halfway through the quarter. Atlanta has it down to an 11 point deficit, Milwaukee will take a 65-56 lead into halftime.

Atlanta will start the third quarter off with a 3 pointer, Milwaukee answers with a 3 pointer, Atlanta with a basket, Milwaukee answers right back but has a  14 point lead. Atlanta is still trying to just chip away at the Bucks lead as they get it to 10 but the Bucks go to the line for four free throws, making three of four. Bucks with a basket, Hawks answers with back to back baskets. The Bucks will take a 91-78 lead after three.

Milwaukee with a basket, Atlanta hits a 3 pointer, Bucks answers with  back to back 3 pointers. Atlanta with a basket, Bucks  with a basket. Halfway through the fourth, Bucks lead 111-94. Milwaukee defeats Atlanta 123-112 to take a 3-2 series lead.

Final Milwaukee 123, Atlanta 112

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