NBA Finals Game 1: Suns vs. Bucks

Milwaukee is on the board after making one of two free throws, they get a basket, Devon Booker gets the Suns on the board with a basket and Milwaukke will respond with a basket of their own to have a 5-2 lead.  Phoenix with a basket, Milwaukee responds, so does Phoenix after Booker steals it,  Milwaukee misses, Phoenix gets the basket to take the lead but Milwaukee gets one to take their lead back, they head to the line for free throws, making only one of two, Suns with a goal tend, ties the game up at 10-10, but the Bucks gets a basket to make it 12-10. Devin Booker with a basket ties up the game, then they get a basket to take the lead. Milwaukee with a 3 pointer, take the lead, Devin Booker with a basket, Suns up 16-15. Milwaukee with yet another 3 pointer puts them up top, Devin Booker to the line ,he makes both, we are tied up. Milwaukee with a basket, and the Suns hit back to back 3 pointers to take a 24-20 lead. Milwaukee with a basket makes it a close game, and Devin Booker is at the line for two, making both. Milwaukee with a basket, Devin Booker with two more free throws, Milwaukee with a basket, Suns with a basket to have a 30-26 lead after the first quarter.

Milwaukee starts the second quarter off with a 3 pointer, Ayton with a basket for the Suns, Suns with a 3 pointer, Bucks get a basket. Bucks with a 3 pointer, Suns respond with a basket to have a 37-34 lead. Back and forth for the Suns to lead 45-38. The Bucks with a basket and 3 pointer are within just two points, then hit a basket to tie things up, Chris Paul with a 3 pointer , Devin Booker with two free throws, they lead 50-45. More back and forth as Bucks score, then Suns, then Bucks. Suns with free throws and a 3 pointer to take a 57-49 lead into halftime.

Phoenix with a basket to start off the third quarter, Milwaukee with a 3 pointer, Chris Paul answers with a 3 pointer, he completes a 4 pointer play after a flagrant foul. They get a basket to lead 65-52, and now the lead will bloom to 72-60 for the Suns. Ayton scores a basket, followed by two more from the Suns, and then Devin Booker scores a basket, Bucks have only scored just one basket until they get a three pointer. Chris Paul with a 3 pointer, and a basket, Middleton answers with a 3 pointer for the Bucks, Paul  answers right back with a 3 pointer, Suns at the line for two,  Ayton makes both for the Suns to lead by 20. Milwaukee hits a basket, Devin Booker at the line for two, he makes both, Milwaukee with a 3 pointer,Devin Booker with a basket, Milwaukee ends the quarter with a  3 pointer, but the Suns lead 92-76 after the third quarter.

Milwaukee hits a 3 pointer to start things off in the fourth quarter, and Phoenix finally scores after a small drought. Back and forth as both teams have scored two baskets a piece. Milwaukee makes both free throws, Suns with a basket, and Milwaukee gets one as well. Suns hit a 3 pointer and the Bucks got one as well as the lead is down to just nine, 101-92. Bucks with a basket, Booker with a 3 pointer. The Bucks do their best here in the fourth but it;s not enough as the Suns defeats them, 118-105.

Final Suns 118, Bucks 105

Phoenix takes the first game to have a 1-0 series lead, Game 2 will be on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET

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