NBA Finals Game 3

Milwaukee is on the board as Giannis drains a 3 pointer, Phoenix is on the board with a basket, Lopez gets a basket with an assist from Giannis. Chris Paul with a basket gets the Suns within one, Bucks answers with a basket and a free throw. Devin Booker at the line for three free throws, he makes two of three, Chris paul with a basket ties up the game. Back and forth as  Bucks score a basket, Suns answers, Buck gets another basket, Suns answers right back as we are tied up at 10 and. Milwaukee drains a 3 pointer, Suns with a basket still within one. Suns with their first lead, but Bucks with free throws ties it up and then they take back the lead. Back and forth we go again as the Suns go ahead, then the Bucks, Devin Booker with a 3 pointer puts the Suns up 23-21, he misses another one but the Suns gets a basket, Bucks answers right back with one, Crowder with a 3 pointer but the Suns will lead 28-25 after one.

Milwaukee with back to back baskets  gets them the lead, Suns get a basket to tie things up, they score 6 more points to take their largest lead of the game, 36-30. Milwaukee took a 5-0 lead before Phoenix got a basket but the Bucks got back to back baskets to take the lead, they went on a 14 -2 run but the Suns hit back to back baskets, Bucks lead 46-42. Make that a 20-6 run and the Bucks will lead 60-45 at halftime.

The Suns will start the third quarter with back to back baskets,but Milwaukee answers with a basket. Suns on a 7-0 run but they still trail 69-63, Bucks score a few but the Suns chip away at the lead getting within four, Bucks drains a 3 pointer. Suns with a 3 pointer, Bucks answers with one right back as they lead 85-76. The Bucks have answered the Suns with an 11-0 run, two free throws, and a 3 pointer for a 98-76 lead.

The Bucks started the fourth with one of two free throws then a basket, Suns with a 3 pointer, Paul with a free throw after Bucks got a technical.  They go back and forth but the Buck maintain their lead the entire quarter as Giannis drops 41 points in the Bucks 120-100 win over the Suns.

Final Milwaukee 120, Phoenix 100

Milwaukee wins the game but the Suns still lead 2-1. Game 4 is on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET in Milwaukee

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