NBA Finals Game 6: Milwaukee vs. Phoenix

Milwaukee is on the board first, Phoenix follows, but Milwaukee has taken a 6-2 lead after Phoenix goes 1 for 8, they hit a 3 pointer to make it 6-5. Milwaukee with back to back baskets, Phoenix gets one, adn Milwaukee scores again along with a 3 pointer to take a 15-7 lead. Phoenix with back to back baskets, Milwaukee with a 3 pointer. Phoenix will answer with one themselves and so does Milwaukee plus a basket or two, Suns with one, Buck with two free throws plus a basket for the Bucks to lead 29-16 lead after the first quarter.

Phoenix starts off the second quarter with a basket and 3 pointer by Camron Payne, Cam Johnson with a 3 pointer. DeAndre Ayton with free throws, Bucks with a basket and free throws from Bobby Portis, Suns  with a basket from Booker and then one of Mikal Bridges, he makes one of two free throws, Suns with a basket ties up the game. Suns goes ona 6-3 run to take a 39-36 lead here in the second quarter. Suns with a jump shot from Chris Paul, Giannis with a basket, Suns with a basket, Buck answers, so do the Suns right back and another one, Milwaukee with free throws as Phoenix will lead 47-42 into halftime.

Phoenix with a goaltend starts off the third and Milwaukee closes in on the Suns lead but Booker answers to keep them at bay for the moment, they are within one, then tie and take the lead with free throws. But the Suns make a little comeback, and the Bucks turn it around to take back the lead, and we are all tied up at 77-77 after the third.

Milwaukee scores first in the fourth, Suns scores a basket to tie it right back up, Buck with a 3 pointer to take the lead, Suns with a basket, a free throw ties it up  but Bucks right back to take the lead. Suns try to make a comeback but they come up short for the Buck to win the 2021 NBA Championship after defeating the Suns, 105-98

Final Milwaukee 105, Phoenix 98

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