Gold Medal game: USA vs. France

France strikes first as they score the first two points of the game, USA follows scoring their first basket of the game. France with another basket and one of two free throws to take a 5-2 lead. Kevin Durant with a basket, France responds with a basket and 3 pointer to make it a 10-4 lead. USA is playing catch up as they  trail France by two, Durant drains a 3 pointer for USA to tie up the game. He goes to the line for three, he makes all three to give USA the lead. France hits a 3 pointer to tie up the game again.USA makes one of two free throws followed by a 3 pointer to end the first quarter with a 22-18 USA lead.

USA  to score first in the second quarter, they go to the line for two but only make one out of two. France to the line for two, they make both to make it a 25-20 game, USA drains a 3 pointer, France responds with back to back baskets, USA with a basket, a basket from Kevin Durant plus a free throw. France with a basket, USA  with a basket, Durant with another 3 pointer, Bam Adebayo with a free throw after a technical on France.  France is just trying to inch close to the U.S. lead as they get a basket and free throw but the US answers with a basket of their own. The United States will lead France 44-39 at halftime.

France starts off the third quarter with a 3 pointer, USA with a basket, France gets it within two but Kevin Durant drains a 3 pointer to extend the USA’s lead. Back and forth they trade baskets and 3 pointers.  France ends the third quarter with a 3 pointer, USA leads 71-63.

USA with the first basket of the fourth quarter but France has scored two baskets, they also drain a 3 pointer, USA answers with back to back baskets. A hard fought effort from France, it just wasn’t enough as the United States wins their fourth straight gold medal, defeating them  87-82.

Final USA 87, France 82 

USA Basketball’s gold medal gives the United States their 100th medal of the 2020 Olympics.

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