Kentucky sweeps Texas State in season opener in Dayton Tournament

Kentucky starts off the season by sweeping Texas State  in their season opener to start the Dayton Tournament.

Kentucky starts off the first set with a 5-0 run before  Texas State gets on the board, they get a few points, but Kentucky goes on another run and they go back and forth as Kentucky maintains their lead the entire set, they will take the first set, 25-18.

Texas State is on the board first in the set, but Kentucky isn’t too far behind as they go on a 13-0 lead to have  13-1 lead over Texas State. Texas State will get just 6 more points as the Cats score 9 more to have  a 22-7 lead before they score 3 more points to take set 2, 25-7.

Once again Texas State is on the board first but Kentucky is right behind them, as the third  set is a back and forth battle between these two teams, although Kentucky goes on a short run, and then another one and will take the set, 25-15.

Final #3 Kentucky 3, Texas State 0

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