Kentucky vs. Northern Iowa

Northern Iowa is on the board first but Kentucky isn’t too far behind as they score a point to tie things up. Kentucky with two more points, UNI with a point Kentucky with two more and  UNI gets one more. Kentucky goes on a 12-0 run till UNI scores a point, Kentucky scores seven more points, UNI with one, and Kentucky with a set point and they win the set, 25-5.

Kentucky is on the board for the second set, UNI on a 3-0 run to lead, Kentucky on a 5-0 run to take the lead. UNI scores, Kentucky answers right back. Back and forth we go as both teams make runs. UNI  with back to back points, Kentucky responds and UNI with back to back points, but Kentucky takes the set with a point,25-17.

UNI on the board first, Kentucky follows shortly with a 4-0 run. UNI answers, Kentucky responds right back, Kentucky tries to make a run but UNI is right there as Kentuvky can only get short runs. UNI and Kentucky go back and forth, but Kentucky comes out on top despite UNI trying to stay close in the third set, Cats win the third set 25-19.

#3 Kentucky 3, UNI 0

Kentucky will host Creighton tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. ET and close out the Bluegrass Battle taking on USC at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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