Creighton hands Kentucky first loss of season

Creighton will hand Kentucky their first loss of the season as  the Bluejays maintain a lead in all three sets. Blue Jays on the board first, Kentucky answers and they take a little lead but Creighton catches up and goes on a 5-0 run. Back and forth we go but the Bluejays will go on a 6-0 run, Cats on a short 3-0 run. Eventually Creighton  will take the first set over Kentucky, 25-19.

Kentucky is on the board first in the second set, Creighton follows, Kentucky scores, so does Creighton. Back and forth, but Creighton goes ona 5-0 run to lead 13-9. More back and forth between these two teams,  but Creighton will take the set, 25-22.

Creighton on the board first and will have a pretty good lead but KEntucky doesn’t go away that easily as they fight but Creighton runs away with for a bit in the third, the Cats get it ot 19-19, score to take their first lead for a few minutes but Creighton catches up to take the third set as well, 27-25.

Kentucky is back at it as they close out the Bluegrass Battle hosting USC tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Final Creighton 3, Kentucky 0

Kentucky will fall to 4-1

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