Kentucky bounces back after sweeping USC to close out the Bluegrass Battle

Kentucky is looking to rebound after their lotto Creighton earlier this morning, they get on the board first, USC scores right back, then takes the lead, Kentucky ties it up, USC takes a 2 point lead but Kentucky scores two more to tie things up. Kentucky goes on a 4-0 run to have a 8-4 lead. USC scores two in a row. Back and forth but Kentucky has maintained their lead and will take the first set, 25-15.

USC is on the board first, Kentucky scores to tie it up. USC scores again, Kentucky answers right back. USC scores, so does Kentucky and they take the lead going on a 5-0 run. Back and forth and a few time outs and a 4-0 run, Kentucky will take the second set, 25-12.

USC is on the board first scoring the first two before Kentucky even responses, USC responses back and so does Kentucky tying things up. USC with back to back to back points.  Kentucky does the same and USC does it too. Kentucky will tie it up once again and then go on a 4-0 run as they take the lead. USC takes a time out, Kentucky scores a point and USC goes on a 3-0 run. Kentucky scores after they take a time out, USC responds with another 3-0 run to tie things up. Kentucky responses, so does USC. Kentucky and USC go back and forth and USC has stayed close to Kentucky but the Cats take the third set, 25-22.

Kentucky bounces back after their first loss this morning to Creighton as they come back and sweep USC.

#3 Kentucky 3, USC 0

Kentucky closes out the Bluegrass Battle 2-1 and has an overall 5-1 record. Kentucky will be on the road as they face Wisconsin and Marquette

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