Kentucky vs. Marquette

Marquette is on the board with the first two points, Kentucky responds with two of their own tying things up. Marquette regains the lead with two more points as they go back and forth with Kentucky. Eventually Kentucky takes the lead and maintains their but Marquette catches up getting within two but Kentucky will win the first set, 25-21.

Just like the first set Marquette with the first two, Kentucky’s not too far behind. Back and forth we go, and Marquette has a good lead but Kentucky catches up, ties things up and then takes the lead, Marquette ties it up, more back and forth. Kentucky will take the second set, 30-28.

Kentucky is on the board first, Marquette answers right back. The third set is pretty much like the previous two sets with back and forth between the teams, Kentucky will lead, then Marquette will lead, several ties for Kentucky to win the third set, 26-24.

Kentucky bounces back after their loss to Wisconsin last night by defeating Marquette,3-0.

Final #17 Kentucky 3, Marquette 0

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