Battle of the Bluegrass: #8 Kentucky vs. #5 Louisville

Kentucky started off the first set with three points already, they looked for a fourth but Louisville answered the Cats, and Kentucky with a kill  to go ahead a point, service error sent it the Cards way, 4-2.  Kentucky with a point, Louisville responds. Kentucky is up to a 11-6 lead. Kentucky will take the first set, 25-17. Kentucky takes a 1-0 lead over Louisville.

Kentucky is on the board first here in the second set, Louisville not too far behind them. Louisville with the lead but Kentucky isn’t far behind tying things up then taking the lead. Cardinals with their largest lead over Kentucky at 12-10 but the Cats catch up to tie it up.Louisville with another lead they take a 3 point lead but Kentucky isn’t giving up just yet as they get back to back points. The Cards with a  3 point lead again and they are  getting close as they are pulling away from the Cats. Kentucky tries to catch up, but Louisville takes the second set, 25-20. We are tied up at 1 set a piece.

Louisville with an early 8-2 lead over Kentucky here in the third set, on a 4-0 run. Kentucky with a little life as they get two and they  take a 16-13 lead. Kentucky has it within three. Louisville with a good lead but Kentucky finally catches up and ties it up. Louisville with back to back points as the close in on taking the third set, they take the third set after a Kentucky service error and point, 25-22. Louisville leads 2-1 over Kentucky.

Louisville is on the board first, Kentucky answers right  back, and have taken a  7-4 lead. Cats with back to back points as they lead 10-5. Kentucky still with a 5 point lead, 14-9 but Louisville  with 3 points in a row to cut the lead to just two.  Kentucky takes the fourth set, 25-20 to force a 5th set. We are all tied up again at 2-2.

Louisville gets the first point, Kentucky right behind them with back to back points, Louisville answers. This set is gonna go down to the wire as we have a you score, I score match as we are tied up although Kentucky gets the point on a Louisville service error. Kentucky takes the lead by two but Louisville ties it up then takes the lead by one. Cardinals on a 8-0 run to win the set, 15-9, and the match 3-2.

Final #5 Louisville 3, #8 Kentucky 2

Kentucky falls to 6-3 and Louisville moves to 9-0. Kentucky is back at Memorial Coliseum as they host 19th ranked Stanford. Louisville also snaps a 7 game losing streak to the Cats, their last win was August 29, 2012.

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