8 Kentucky vs. 16 Stanford

Stanford is off to a great start as they have a 5-2 lead over Kentucky. The Cardinals are just piling it on here as they still lead and eventually take the first set, 25-20.

Kentucky is in this set as they go back and forth with Stanford as they lead then ties things up and even things up as they take the second set, 25-20.

Kentucky is out to a 5-3 lead here in the third set and maintains it till we get all tied up and Stanford goes back in front but Kentucky is catching up, Stanford extends the lead but Kentucky has tied it all up. Kentucky will win the third set, 25-19.

Kentucky starts the fourth set on a 3-0 run but Stanford stops the momentum as they score a point to get on the board. Kentucky scores two more to take a 5-1 lead. Kentucky is up to a 10-5 lead over Stanford. Stanford has pulled within two of the Cats. Stanford takes the fourth set, 25-22 to force a fifth set.

Stanford got off to a 6-5 lead to start off the fifth set but Kentucky with an ace gives them a 10-8 lead, a kill for Alli Stumler makes it 12-9. The Cats take the fifth set, 15-10.

8th ranked Kentucky will bounce back after their loss to 5th ranked Louisville with a 3-2 win over 16th ranked Stanford.

Final #8 Kentucky 3, #16 Stanford 2

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