7 Kentucky vs. Ole Miss

Kentucky is on the board first, Ole Miss responds to tie things up. Kentucky scores  and so does Ole Miss scoring two to take the lead, Kentucky responds but Ole Miss will take the lead at 6-5. Kentucky ties things up, but Ole Miss responds, Kentucky answers with back to back points, but Ole Miss ties it up. Kentucky takes the first set over Ole Miss, 25-20.

Ole Miss is on the board first in the second set, Kentucky answers and runs away with to take the second set , 25-23.

Kentucky on a 4-0 start but Ole Miss responds. Kentucky has a good lead but Ole Miss comes from behind after Kentucky ties things up at 13-13. Ole Miss responds with 3 points, Kentucky answers and ties it up again at 19-19 but Ole Miss scores 5 in a row and comes back to take the third set, 25-20.

Ole Miss with the first two points, but Kentucky answers to get on the board and it’s all Ole Miss as they go on short runs as they have a 18-11 lead on a 3-0 run. Ole Miss ties it all up at 2 a piece after they take the fourth set, 25-16.

Kentucky starts off the fifth set with a point, Ole Miss responds, Kentucky goes on a 5-0 run to have a 6-1 lead. Ole Miss with a point but Kentucky with a 9-5 lead. Kentucky wins the set, 15-9

Kentucky defeats Ole Miss 3-2.

Final 7 Kentucky 3, Ole Miss 2

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