5 Kentucky vs. LSU

Kentucky is on the board first with two points in a row, LSU gets on the board, Kentucky with three straight. Kentucky is up to a 11-4 lead here on a 4-0 run.  They make it to a 5-0 run till LSU scores for a 12-5 lead for the Cats. LSU is making a comeback as they trail Kentucky 19-13 after a short run. But Kentcky takes the first set, 25-17.

LSU is on the board first and they are up 3-1 early over Kentucky. LSU has a pretty good lead over Kentucky and they are at it  as they keep it close but Kentucky takes the lead and the set, 25-23.

LSU is on the board with the first two points, but Kentucky gets on the board and ties things up and then the lead but LSU is right there and staying close. LSU on a 5-0 scoring run for the Cats to trail, 11-10. Kentucky regains the lead back and eventually takes the set, 25-20.

Kentucky with a weekend series sweep over LSU in Baton Rouge, they move to 13-3 overall, and remain undefeated in SEC play as they are 6-0. They host Arkansas next weekend.

Final 5 Kentucky 3, LSU 0

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