Big Blue Madness 2021

We started out with the 2021 Women’s basketball team and the introduction of the players, assistant coaches, and head coach. The players participated in a two sided shooting contest as we had the Blue team and the White team, the blue team won. The three-point contest consisted of Rhyne Howard, Emma King, Blair Green, and Treasure Hunt. Rhyne Howard was first and she scored 17 points, next was Emma King she scored 9, Blair Green with 15 , and Treasure Hunt with 12 in the first round.  Rhyne Howard with 11 in the second round and Blair Green with 13 points and she wins the 2021 3 point contest. We get to see a scrimmage between the Blue and White teams, Rhyne Howard gets the first points for the Blue team, Dre’Una Edwards with a 3 pointer, another two points for Blue, Edwards with a basket for the Blue to have a  7-0 lead. White gets on the board with a basket, Blue answers with one, Edwards with a basket, she’s up to 7 points. Blue is up to a 15-6 lead. Blue wins the scrimmage 18-8.

Up next we have the men’s basketball as they introduce the players: We have 3 freshmen , 3 sophomores, 7 juniors, and 2 grads. 3 point contest is up next, Kellan Grady with 16 points, Davion Mintz with ,17 points to start us off, TyTy with 24, CJ with 19 points are next, and Bryce with   14   , Donatie with  14 points as well. It is CJ vs. TyTy for the 3 point contest contest and CJ Fredrick wins it with 22 points. Daimion Collins, Kareem Watkins, and Jacob Toppin participated in the dunk contest. Blue won the scrimmage 34-23.

Next up is the Blue White scrimmage next Friday at 7 p.m. ET on SEC Network

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