7 Kentucky vs. Texas A&M

Kentucky goes on a 3-0 run, Texas A&M answers with a 2-0 run. Kentucky scores a point, so does Texas A&M, Kentucky goes on another run. Kentucky is up to a 13-6 lead. They stretched their lead to 19-12.  Kentucky takes the first set, 25-17.

Kentucky is on the board first, Texas A&M isn’t far behind. The Aggies tie it up but Kentucky has extended their lead to 15-9. Kentucky wins the second set as well, 25-18. 

Texas A&M with back to back points but Kentucky answers, Aggies with the lead but Kentucky ties things up then takes the lead and runs away with it  as they have a 10-7 lead. THey will take the third set as well, 25-15.

Kentucky sweeps Texas A&M 3-0

7 Kentucky 3, Texas A&M 0

Kentucky looks  for a double sweep as they take on Texas A&M again tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET  on SEC Network

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