7 Kentucky vs Texas A&M

Texas A&M is on the board first , Kentucky with three points straight, Texas A&M scores one as Kentucky leads 3-2. Kentucky with three more points. Texas A&M with the lead back as they get back to back points, but Kentucky scores to make it 8-7.Madi Skinner with a kill to tie things up, a block from Bella Bell for the Cats gives them back the lead, but A&M scores to tie it right back up. Kentucky with back to back points to take an 11-9 lead. Kentucky on a 7-1 run as they lead 18-10.  Kentucky with two more points, Aggies score,  Kentucky scores another point, Aggies with another, Kentucky scores again as they lead 22-12. Kentucky takes the first set, 25-12.

Kentucky is  already up to a 7-0 lead in the second set, and the Aggies finally get on the board. Kentucky  is now up 13-3.   Kentucky takes the second set, 25- 11.

Kentucky is on the board first, Aggies right behind them to tie it up, Kentucky goes ahead but A&M scores  back to back to take the lead. Kentucky scores to tie it up again, they score and take back the lead.  Aggies score to tie it up,  Kentucky scores to lead, Aggies score tie it up and then take the lead agai, 6-5.  Kentucky takes the third set, 25-14.

Kentucky with the double sweep of Texas A&M as they win the match 3-0

Final 7 Kentucky 3, Texas A&M 0

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