19 Kentucky vs. Winthrop

Kentucky is on the board first as Treasure Hunt, Rhyne Howard, and Robyn Benton score points to give the Cats a 6-0 lead. Winthrop is on the board with  layup from Leonor Paisana, Robyn Benton drains a 3 pointer followed by layup from Dre’Una Edwards, Jaelyn Royal drains a 3 pointer for Winthrop, Rhyne Howard answers with a layup and free throw, Sydney Hunter makes one of two, Kentucky leads 14-6. Rhyne Howard and Emma King both with layups. Jada Walker with a 3 pointer and Olivia Owens with a layup makes it 25-6. Ally Ross with back to back 3 pointer for Winthrop and Luka Malinka with a layup gives Kentucky a 25-14 lead after one.  

Dre’ Una Edwards with a jumper, WInthrop answers with one of their own, Treasure Hunt adds to the Cats lead, Edwards drains a 3 pointer, Rhyne Howard right behind her with one as well. Robyn Benton with a layup, Jada Walker makes both of her free throws, Rhyne Howard with another 3 pointer. Kentucky takes a 50-22 lead into halftime.

Winthrop with both free throws starts the third quarter, Dre’Una Edwards with a layup for the Cats, Rhyne Howard drains a 3 pointer and Treasure Hunt with a layup, Jasmine Massengill drains a 3. Kentucky goes on a run to end the third quarter as they lead 77-32.

Dre’Una Edwards with a layup, Robyn Benton follows with back to back layups, Winthrop answers with a layup, Kentucky is up 83-34. Kentucky with back to back layups, Winthrop with a 3 pointer and jumper and they end the quarter with a layup but the Cats bounce back after their loss to Indiana with a 92-47 win over Winthrop.

Final 19 Kentucky 92, Winthrop 47

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