22 Kentucky vs. 15 Iowa: VRBO Citrus Bowl

Kentucky strikes first as Will Levis makes a complete pass that’s caught by Chris Rodriguez for 5 yards for a Kentucky touchdown, Matt Ruffolo with the extra point for the Cats take a 7-0 in the first quarter. Iowa gets on the board with a 28 yard field goal, Kentucky leads 7-3 in the second quarter.  Matt Ruffolo with a 21 yard field goal for the Cats makes it 10-3. Matt Ruffolo with a 27 yard field goal, Kentucky extends their lead to 13-3.  Kentucky will lead 13-3 going into halftime.

Iowa’s A. Bruce rushed to the Kentucky end zone for 20 yards for an Iowa touchdown, C, Shudak with the extra point, and Kentucky will lead 13-10 after three. Iowa’s S.Petra completes a pass to S. LaPorta for 36 yards, Iowa touchdown, the Hawkeyes take the lead in the fourth quarter as the extra point is good, 17-13.  Chris Rodriguez rushes to the Iowa end zone for 6 yards, Touchdown Kentucky and the Cats take back the lead here in the fourth quarter with just 1:48 left, Matt Ruffolo with the extra point will make it 20-17 for the Cats. 

Final 22 Kentucky 20, 15 Iowa 17

Kentucky finishes the season 10-3, and this is just their 4th 10 win season, two under Mark Stoops.

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