16 Kentucky vs. 21 LSU

Kentucky is on the board first with a 3 pointer from TyTy Washington, Efton Reid gets LSU on the board with a bucket, Brandon Murray with a 3 pointer will give LSU the lead, they add to it as LSU gets another 3 pointer, 8-3. Oscar Tshiebwe with a basket after Kentucky had a scoring drought, LSU answers, 10-5. Kentucky is finally getting a groove but they still trail LSU 16-12. Davion Mintz at the line for two he makes just one of two, Jacob Toppin with a basket and free throw ties it all up at 16-16. Lance Ware with a dunk gives the Cats the lead, LSU answers with a 3 pointer, Kentucky with a basket, adn LSU gets a basket to make it 21-20. LSU with a 3 pointer and then free throws to make it 26-20. Kentucky on a 6-0 run with a basket from Jacob Toppin ties it up at 26-26. LSU with a basket to take back the lead, that is short lived as Jacob Toppin gets another basket to tie it up, 28-28.  LSU with a 3 pointer, at the line for two, they make one of two, they go back to the line, make one of two and a dunk, but Jacob Toppin gets a basket at the buzzer, LSU leads 35-30 at halftime.

Davion Mintz with a 3 pointer to start the second half, Kellan Grady drains one, and Davion Mintz with another one for three straight three pointers going on a 9-0 run, LSU with a basket, Mintz to the line, for two, he makes both. Kellan Grady with a 3 pointer, LSU with a basket, and Grady drained a third 3 pointer, Cats lead 47-39. LSU with a  basket, Kellan Grady with a 3 pointer, LSU responds with a 3 pointer of their own. LSU with a basket and free throw.  LSU with back to back baskets to take the lead, Oscar Tshiebwe with a dunk, but LSU answers with a 3 pointer. LSU on a 20-2 run as they lead 61-52.  Davion Mintz to the line for two, he makes both, 61-55. Davion Mintz with a 3 pointer but LSU  with back to back baskets, they will defeat Kentucky 65-60.

Final 21 LSU 65, 16 Kentucky 60

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