Basketball Recruiting: Marvin Bagley chooses Duke over UCLA and USC.

It’s official, Marvin Bagley is a Duke Blue Devil. With his decision, Duke takes Kentucky’s spot as the top class of 2017 (reclassified from 2018). His decision most likely means Duke will be the favorite for the national title as well as Kentucky, Arizona, etc. Most people believe Bagley takes over Missouri commit, Micheal Porter Jr. as the number 1 player in the 2017 class. More to come on this decision in the coming days. bagley1  (image courtesy of PopScout)


Kentucky Annouces Plans for the Alumni Game

Kentucky’s Alumni Charity game will take place on August 25th this year and will include two great games. The first will be a “Ledgends” game with the likes of Rex Chapman, Kenny Walker, Tony Delk, Keith Bogans, and more! That starts at 7 and the second game will pit two teams of Kentucky pros against each other. So, it looks like the wishes of Coach Cal won’t come true and we won’t be taking on a “NBA” super team. Let’s be honest though, a team of all Kentucky pros will be pretty stacked!

Prices for tickets range from $5 – $500 and they go on sale on Friday. I always enjoy this event and hope all the fans come out and fill Rupp Arena for a good cause!

Top 5 Basketball Recruit has UK in top Schools


Cam Reddish is a 5 Star SF from Norristown, PA. It looks like he is a Duke lean right now but never count out John Calipari. The 6’8″ forward has done nothing but show out during the circuit including a 44 point performance at the Peach Jam.


Let’s all hope that Coach Cal can pull this one out and bring this guy to the right Blue and White.

cam (2)

Darius Miller has chose to wear a new number for New Orleans


Darius wore #21 most of his high school career and some in Germany so it isn’t really that new to him.



However, he has always been known for wearing the lucky #1 in his four years at Kentucky. While in NOLA the first time he had to wear the #2 because #1 was already taken. Now he must move on to another number. He will be wearing #21 again this season. But I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see him as anything but #1. Number 1 on the floor and number 1 in our hearts for four years.

Miller finished his college years having played more games for Kentucky than any other player. He was and is the ultimate example of a homegrown hero. He has won at every stage possible. He won a state championship in 2008. After his senior season in high school, Miller was named “Kentucky Mr. Basketball.” He won SEC championships. He also won the ultimate NCCA Championship his last season at Kentucky. He has won three consecutive German championships. The only thing missing from his resume of wins, an NBA ring. That dream mat not be as far fetched this season though.

No matter what number he continues to wear, he’ll always hold a special place in the hearts of the Big Blue Nation.

Bad News for Brandon Knight

This is truly unfortunate for the former Kentucky guard. He took his college team on an amazing run in the tournament and BBN will never forget him for that. Hope he can recover completely and come back stronger!

Noel and Mavs Contract Talks

Nerlens Noel knows how much he’s worth. Now, will Dallas agree with him and show him the money?

Julius Randle is back in the bluegrass state




Former Wildcat Julius Randle is back in Lex for a camp with the kids. Of course they couldn’t let him get by without doing an interview.

He joked about Calipari and the gift he’ll be given at his Wedding by saying “It better be something good!” He also misses the relationships he made at Kentucky and the area the most. Come back anytime Randle, you’re welcome here.

One the most pivotal things Randle could have said:

“I committed to a family.” That has to make the Big Blue faithful smile from ear to ear. We love hearing former Cats say that because it’s 100% true. We are forever family here, even after your college days are over.

Rumors of an all Kentucky team VS an NBA team to happen in Rupp Arena have surfaced and Randle tells us what he thinks would happen and it wouldn’t be a challenge.

Dakari Johnson recently signed a contract with the OKC Thunder. Randle congratulated him and tells us he and Dakari still keep in touch and that he will be at his upcoming wedding. Of course we expected nothing less because once you’ve been at Kentucky your automatically family.

He also tells us about the Ball-Fox rivalry:

“I guess that rivalry is going to live forever,” Randle said Saturday before an upcoming youth camp.

“Obviously De’Aaron is a great player,” Randle said. “I loved him, through the whole season and the whole draft process. My point guard is Lonzo. I’m excited to play with him, excited to you know to build chemistry with him through the season. Obviously, De’Aaron is going to have a great career. He’s going to be an excellent player.”

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But he has to say that right? After all, Ball is his teammate.