Two Elite Programs

Kentucky is the first SEC school since 2006, to have a Top 5 pick from both it’s Men and Women’s basketball programs. Evelyn Akhator and De’Aaron Fox.



De’Aaron Fox arrives in Sacramento


De’Aaron Fox arrived in his new home of California today. The Sacramento Kings organization and fans were absolutely blown away to have gotten Fox with the 5th pick last night.

James Young on the move..


James Young may be headed elsewhere this offseason. He could very well be heading to join Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins in New Orleans.

Wildcats just keep teaming up everywhere across the NBA teams. The Pelicans really could use some of his three-point shooting.

Bam Adebayo arrives in Miami


Bam and his mom arrive in Miami and get a warm welcome from Pat Riley himself.







Isaac Humphries signs summer league deal


Isaac Humphries signs with the Washington Wizards summer league.

Actually Derek Willis won’t be with the Heat, Pistons instead


According to his fiancé he will signing with the Pistons instead.

Malik Monk arrives in Charlotte


It had been talked about for months that Malik was basically a done deal to the New York Knicks but taking the slip to 11th, happened for a reason.

“I actually thought the Knicks would take me, but nothing is disappointing about getting drafted. This has been my dream forever, and nobody ever from my town has ever been drafted, ever made it this far, so I’m just thankful to be here.”

Malik arrived in Charlotte this morning ready to get to work:

And I can’t wait for the second that he takes a photo with MKG.