Football Ticket Contest

Back in March I started a marathon of a contest to giveaway two tickets to the Senior day football game against Austin Peay. As time went on I named four finalists (Rebecca A., Doug W., Kevin N., and Will S.). I did not have the response I thought I would have during the contest and I decided to pull the plug on furthering the disappointment and have those four as our only finalist. I will go ahead be use a random number generator to determine a winner.

  1. Rebecca
  2. Doug
  3. Kevin
  4. Will

And the winner is……..

2. Doug W. is the winner of the Senior Day tickets! Congratulations Doug!


Blue-White Game Ticket Contest

We had 12 comments and a few shares on Facebook which means the odds are very good for all those who entered! The way I’m going to choose is to use a random number generator and the number of the comment it chooses will win. Some people choose to stay anonymous and I have no way of rewarding them the tickets, so, the people who shared the article on Facebook will fill those spots. Here we go! Drum roll please….

The number 10 comment wins and that belongs to Emily! Congratulations Emily on the big win!

Blue-White Game Ticket Giveaway 

All you need to do to enter is go to click the title “Blue-White Game Ticket Giveaway” and leave a comment at the bottom of the post. You could win 2 tickets to the Blue-White game that will take place Friday October 21st at 7 PM. Good luck all and Go Big Blue!

Share on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries. I’ll choose a winner Monday morning (10/10/16) at 10 AM and mail or transfer the tickets soon after.

Tailgate Contest Was a Success

The Kuhl Cat Tailgating Crew won our first ever Top Tailgater contest and they took home a $50 Prepaid MasterCard thanks to the Job Shop!

It was great to get to see them so happy this past Saturday even though the weather wasn’t very pleasant. I enjoyed getting to be a part of their pregame festivities and I appreciate them very much for showing me such wonderful hospitality! I hope you all enjoy the prize and I hope to see it put to good use next Saturday!

Top Tailgater Winner

Congratulations to the Kuhl Cat Tailgating crew for their huge margin of victory in this contest. They won with 86% of the vote! I’ll be in contact with you to get you your $50 Prepaid MasterCard gift card that was provided by the Job Shop.

Top Tailgaters Contest

Yesterday I got to visit some great friends while making my rounds in the parking lots of CWS. Instead of just having a few drinks and eating all kinds of grilled meats, I decided to open up a competition to reward one group of fine tailgaters for the wonderful set up, spread, and all the amenities their parking lot party has.

So, take a gander all the three choices I have posted below and vote for your favorites at the end!

Kuhl Cat Tailgating



From: London, KY
Menu: Jets Pizza, Chips & Dip, Adult Beverages
Amenities: Music, family, and friends
What makes their tailgate special: Friends, family, and beverages of choice!

RJ & Blue Crew





From: Winchester, KY
Menu: Steak, Cheese & crackers, & Meatballs
Amenities: TV, Radio, Personal Chef, and Bathroom
What makes their tailgate special: The bus!

Thornsbury “Wildcat” Tailgate











From: Augusta, KY
Menu: Burgers, Dogs, Chips, Salsa, Wings, Margaritas, Beer, & of course… KY Bourbon
Amenities: Satellite TV, Sound System, and Cornhole
What makes their tailgate special: The People!, Wildcat Fans!!, Friends, Family, and Football!

The winner will win a $50 MasterCard Pre-paid gift card provided by The Job Shop! So, vote and share!!!

July’s contest


This month it’s all about Snapchat! Make sure to add ukfansallday and send your best snap to be entered! I will choose a finalist out of the submissions!

Congratulations are in order for Will S. from Green Mount on being the lone submission to our fan photo contest for June.