UCLA Live Blog

This game is huge! I’m glad we are at home!

Slow start gives us a 7-7 tie with 15:50 left in the first half.

πŸ‘†As this guy said Fox is showing out now! 19-14 Cats!

With a little over 7 left in the first half, the lead is now only 3. 27-24 Cats!

Scoring has heated up and we’re still out front! 39-34 Cats!

As the first half comes to an end the pace is high and so is the tension. Lonzo Ball hits a three in the closing seconds to make it 49-44 Bruins.

UCLA comes out swinging! They stretch their lead to 9. 56-47 Bruins.

UCLA is keeping it’s stride but one of their big men just got his 4th foul. 7 point Bruin lead.

The lead is now 12 for UCLA. Kentucky is not playing with much control. Chaotic pace and not very friendly calls are keeping us from chipping away at this lead.

With 1:39 left in the game it’s a 7 point lead for UCLA. I’d love to see a come back but it’s looking like our first L this season.

97-92 Bruins win… Great game, great atmosphere, and we will learn from this. Breathe BBN it’ll be fine!


Dirty Bird Live Blog

Can the Cats knock off the Cards? We are about to find out!

Lamar Jackson is one rushing touchdown away from having 20+ passing touchdowns and 20+ rushing touchdowns. As you can see in the graphic below everyone else who has accomplished that went on to take some hardware home with them.

All the pickers on College Gameday picked Louisville to win.

A couple of big plays to start for Louisville then they try the run game and get stopped. 3rd down in the redzone and Jackson scorches the Kentucky defense for a 7-0 Cardinal lead.

First play strike Johnson to Johnson!!!! 7-7 and we have a ball game! We might see 100 points put up in this one!

Defense steps up and gets a punt out of Louisville. Now, if we can keep it on the ground and keep Mr. Jackson off the field. We may just have a shot here!!! Johnson gets out of the pocket in 3rd down and gets a great block from Baker and gets the first down.

They are holding our run game to minimal gains and caused us to punt. First play on defense Kentucky gets pressure and Jackson turns into a big play. He took a shot to the head though. Things getting chippy already. Courtney Love gets a huge hit on Jackson and forces a punt!

Kentucky flips the field thanks to Benny out of the backfield. Then Boom caps it off with a touchdown!!! 14-7 Cats!!!

Pressure ramping up on Jackson and the Cats got him down! They get all but 2 yards back and it’s 4th and 2. Petrino looks like he’s going for it. Jackson picks it up and after one quarter it’s still 14-7 Cats but the Cards are knocking at the door.

First play of the second quarter is a touchdown pass by Jackson and Westry was very confused on that play. 14-14

So far there has been a heavy dose of the Wildcat and it is paying off with some decent gains. Unfortunately the UK coaches still trust Baker to catch a ball and we have to punt.

Clay County’s own Jacob Hyde comes up big on 2nd and goal to get a stop and goes low and opens up a hole on 3rd down that lead to a two yard loss! Cards kick a field goal as Kentucky holds them on the goal line to make it 17-14 Cards. The next series is huge for the Cats!

We start with great field position due to the kick off going out of bounds. We need at least 3 here. Johnson runs up the middle for a big gain. A hold pushes us back and we now have to get at least 20 yards. 3rd and 15 and a tipped pass gets intercepted. Should’ve had a throw to the sidelines there.

Jones gets a 1st down sack but Louisville comes back and gets the first down. The secondary is getting carved up like all the turkeys this weekend.

A great pitch play gets the Cards in the endzone and stretches the lead to 10 24-14 Cards. Turnovers hurt, got to strike back here.

Early pass interference that the announcers didn’t want to give us and then Johnson and Johnson do their thing again! Juice has 149 yards and 2 touchdowns already! 24-21 Cards.

With 2 minutes left, he have to hold them here. 1st down sack then a big pass play. 3rd and short and Jackson runs to the edge and doesn’t get the 1st down!!! 55 seconds left. Kentucky gets pinned on the 3 though.

PSA: Kids don’t need to read Mark Stoops lips ever!

HALFTIME: Kentucky 21 – Louisville 24

Kentucky starts with the ball and is moving it pretty well. Johnson to Johnson again but this time it was a pass to himself and a big 3rd down conversion! Benny Snell in for the TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!!!! 28-24 CATS!!!!!

Jackson runs wild on Kentucky and gets it to the redzone. This time Kentucky doesn’t get the goal line stand and Louisville goes back up 31-28. Heck of a game, I could’ve been talking about looking forward to our bowl game but let’s face it, this game is going to be waaaaayyyyyy better than our bowl game!

Long drive by Kentucky, eating up clock is huge here! Johnson has looked great passing the ball today! A couple of corner routes to Timmons and Louisville plays them very well and we kick for the tie. 31-31!

First play is an INTERCEPTION Mike Edwards!!!!!

Heavy dose of Benny Snell, their defense is going be tired down the stretch! TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!!! Dorian Baker totally redeemed himself!!!! 38-31 CATS!!!!

Turnovers hurt and right now the Cards are wounded! Middleton gets in the backfield and stops Jackson before he gets back to the line of scrimmage. Their tight end is getting open and making the best of it. Louisville is moving the ball well and it looks like they’re going to end with points. INTERCEPTION KENTUCKY!!!!! Tipped pass comes right to Blake McClain!!!

This very important drive started off with a defensive player meeting Jojo Kemp as soon as we got the handoff. Jojo went out of the wildcat in his own endzone and ran it within one yard of the first down. Then picks that up after a injury timeout. We’re taking time off the clock and eating up small chunks of yards. As long as that continues we win. Failed 3rd down conversion forces UK to punt. C’mon defense!!!

Louisville doesn’t waste much time getting to the redzone. Now at the 1 yard line, I expect Jackson to run here. He does and it’s all tied up again. 38-38, what a game!

Louisville get flagged for roughing the passer and Nick Haynes is down with a leg injury. Our offensive line is key and we all hope he is ok. Johnson avoids a sack and runs to Louisville’s side of the field! Boom is on the ground injured and looks like he’s in a lot of pain after he runs out of the wildcat. Benny Snell coughs it up and Louisville has it on their 45.

Jackson fumbles inside the 10!!!!!! 1:45 left and we only need a field goal!!! Kentucky moves the ball into field goal range!!!! 18 seconds left and a 47 yard try. MACGINNIS HITS IT!!! 41-38 KENTUCKY!!!!

6 seconds left! INTERCEPTION!!!!! KENTUCKY WINS!!!!!!!

Michigan St. Live Blog

I expect this to be a good game for those in Blue! Kentucky and Michigan State are both young teams, Kentucky just has more talent.

Kentucky starts with two missed jump shots and a few good defensive battles. Briscoe bullied his way to the rim with out getting a call and later does get called for running over the defender. Sparty hit a three and we had dual blocks by Bam and Bridges. At the first timeout Monk looks good hitting a pair of threes and Bridges is a force on both sides of the ball. 10-9 Cats!

The Bam story about him flipping a table while watching the Flintstones seems to be the new Wille Cauley-Stein played football.

Wenyen Gabriel is showing out a little fighting for rebounds, getting blocks, and even attempting a three that was as in as it could be without counting. Monk now has three 3s, can you say on fire!?!? 15-12 Cats!

Bam made some space and got a big dunk and the foul. He has got to get better at hitting free throws though. If I was an opposing team I’d foul him every time he gets the ball. It looks like Izzo’s squad is a little shook. They turned the ball over several times during that run. Willis finished that off with a block and outlet pass to Briscoe for an easy bucket! 23-14 Cats! 

I expect Izzo to have the turnovers cleaned up out of the break. Will the Spartans step up or will Kentucky break their will?

Of course, after saying that they would clean up the turnovers the Michigan State players commit two straight coming out of the timeout. The game got uglied up a little that time out but Monk did hit his 4th three and has 14 points! 26-16 Cats

Bam just hit two straight free throws! Maybe I’m just too hard on the young fella! Kentucky is having a hard time offensively right now and Michigan St. is closing the gap. Miles Bridges is a great player but we’ve kept him to only 3 points so far! Briscoe finished the half off with two lay ups to make it 34-26 Cats at halftime!

We’re shooting 37.9% from the field and up by eight points. Michigan St. is shooting 36.7% and out rebounding us by 4. Monk has 14 and Briscoe has 10 at the half.

The start of the second half is as ugly as the first half. Fouls and turnovers are the story of this game unfortunately. Monk hit his fifth 3 and Bridges missed a huge dunk. 43-31 Cats!

Monk is stone cold right now!
The talk going into this game was that our guards are way better than theirs. I’m not seeing that right now, Monk is on fire from the outside but their guards are doing a great job at staying in front of our guys. 

With 10 minutes left to play it looks like we are crusin’ to a big win. We may even see Brad and Tai at the end of this one. Fox is turning up his game as the lead is now 18. 56-38

This game was gotten out of hand and Monk is the star of this game! Welcome to the big times Malik!

FINAL: 69-48 Cats!

Tennessee Live Blog

We are a little over a half an hour until game time and there are a few things to watch for during this game. First, Benny and Boom could find their names in the record books today.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

The other thing is the point spread. Kentucky is currently a 14 underdog and they are 5-4 against the spread this season. I see this one as a lot closer than what the experts think!

No love from the SEC Network!

First play there’s a strip of the ball and no review. I thought it was out. Third and short and Westry comes up and stops Kamara short! After a false start Tennessee is forced to punt!

First play is a run pass option and Stephen Johnson with a huge 75 yard run!!! 

Second play sees Boom in for the score!!! 7-0 Cats!

Dobbs gets a big run for Tennessee and their getting close to field goal range. Busted coverage by Baity gives Tennessee an easy score and we’re all tied up. 7-7

Penalty gives Kentucky’s drive alive and we’re at midfield! Johnson is not looking too comfortable throwing the ball right now. Tennessee’s secondary also making it hard to complete short throws and keeping Johnson from getting comfortable. Kentucky is forced to punt after a 3rd and 4 play saw a slant attempt to Badet. We need to lean on Benny and Boom more. Take what the defense is giving us and we are getting yards on the ground so far.

Kentucky gives Dobbs are shorts of trouble and gets the ball back after a punt. Johnson finds Badet for 15 and Kentucky is on UT’s side of the field! Benny with a big run gets the ball into the redzone! After Johnson fails to hit Conrad Kentucky gets a delay of game penalty that pushes back their field goal attempt. It’s still good! 10-7 Cats!

Defense looks like hot butter right now. Tennessee is moving the ball at will and at the goal line. 

Dobbs takes it in and the Vols lead 14-10.

Badet down after a return and injuries are piling up with Westry (ankle) Baity (ribs) and now Badet (hip).

Johnson gets a good run and a late hit call to put the ball at midfield. Boom with a first down run. Boom again for 6 yards. Three plays with positive outcomes and what do they all have in common? All runs. Into the 2nd quarter and our run game looks good and everything else looks not so good. Inside the 10, RUN THE BALL! Jordan Jones is reportedly suffering back spasms and that could be huge! This long drive is reminiscent of the one where we threw the fade to Baker in the Georgia game….3rd and goal and they run it with no luck. 25 yard field goal attempt makes it 14-13 Vols.

With our corners banged up, Tennessee uses the passing game to go down the field and get an easy touchdown. 21-13 Vols.

Johnson to Bone on first down looked great on both sides throw and catch! Bone’s 3rd catch of the year is a dandy! 3rd and 6 Johnson throws to Bone again and Bone went all Blake Bone on em. Forced punt by Tennessee gets them the ball with an eight point lead. Let’s hope our defense can stop the big orange.


Defense looks confused and they are gashing us for yards. Ware goes out with an injury as if we needed more of those. Josh Allen comes up huge with a sack on 3rd down! Forces a punt! Courtney Love got some pressure on that play!

Two minute drive and it starts with a run then a sack. Tennessee wants the ball back with time to score. It’s 3rd down and Kentucky needs to get a first down here at least. Tavin Richardson gets the first with a screen! Our 2 minute offense doesn’t look good so far as we get a false start penalty. Jojo Kemp gets a carry and it seems like Stoops just wants to get in the locker room. John Cena’s theme music is being played because of course it is! Johnson to Johnson didn’t connect, Juice had no hands there.

Baity is back in a gets a huge pick! I’d love to see the post route right now! 4 seconds left and we will have a shot at the endzone! The Hail Mary gets picked off and at halftime it 21-13 Vols.

Boom starts it off with a huge 39 yard run! Conrad with a great grab! Gets injured on the play but a great catch! Hopefully it’s not serious and he can get back out there for at least blocking purposes. In the redzone and first play goes backwards. Another field goal attempt and we’re down by 5. 21-16 Vols.

Tennessee gets backed up by a penalty on the return, Kentucky can turn this game on its head here if they can be strong on defense! Starts off bad with two runs for decent yards. An easy throw for Tennessee goes to a flea flicker and gets another touchdown. Our team can’t hang it’s head here. They haven’t in these situations all year but we will see what happens here. 

Run game gets us to midfield again. Johnson gets sacked because we’re trying to throw. I trust Benny and Boom not our passing game. As I type that Blake Bone makes a great grab that was ruled incomplete but should be overturned! BLAKE BONE!!!! 

Benny fumbles the ball in the redzone and that’s a killer mistake. Benny has gave us so much though, he’s still our POY.

Keep you heads up this is only a 12 point game with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd. Got a long way to go! Don’t give up! Defense is not looking good but all it takes is one play to turn this around! Welp Kamara finds the endzone and our injuries are killing us right now. 35-16 Vols, we still aren’t out of it but we have to get 7 on this next drive!

3 and out and a punt. Tennessee fumbles to give us a chance! It only prolonged the inevitable. The 4th quarter starts an Tennessee is firmly in control.

Jojo Kemp scores off a big 71 yard run!!!! They go for two and don’t get it, very ugly play. 35-22 Vols.


Dobbs gets back to pay dirt and it’s 42-22 Vols.

Kamara gets in to make it 49-22 and this live blog is shutting down. Let’s get the win next week and go bowling!

Missouri Live Blog

SEC Nation just gave us a 26% chance to win this game! All the picks from Marcus, Tebow, and Paul went our way though and included a Finebaum comment about grass that was hilarious!

Cats get the ball first! I’d love to see a bruising run filled drive here. 30 yard pass to start off to Dorian Baker for his first catch of this year and we’re in good field position. 4th down attempt and Snell pushes the pile for the first down!

Field goal attempt from 47 is no good. Saw some good things in that first drive but not enough Boom and Benny. Looked like they were trying to get SJ comfortable.

Kentucky defense holds Missouri and their frantic looking offense and gets the touchback.

Boom gets the first touch and breaks it off for a 1st down! BOOOOOOM! On 3rd down they gave us a gift in the form of a Boom 60 yard touchdown run!

Jordan Jones comes up with a great tackle for a loss! 3rd and 4 and a bad snap causes Missouri to give us good field position for our 3rd drive! We need points!

Great drive going here that had an awesome catch by Badet! Oh no, another fumble, this time by Boom. He’s still on the ground after a big hit following the fumble.

Defense holds again gets another touchback. Their punter has gifted Kentucky 40 yards on touchbacks already.

Benny Snell is our feature back with Boom out and that could mean longer drives. A couple of good runs by Snell then one for a loss and a sack on Johnson stalls the drive.

Adrian Middleton came up with two great tackles at the line to force a 4th down! End of the 1st Kentucky leads 7-0.

We are not clicking at all on this drive until a beautiful deep ball finds Badet!!! Kentucky leads 14-0!

Kentucky is keeping this “high powered offense” from doing anything!! We have the ball with a chance to go up three scores! I wonder what our chance is to win now!?

Boom is back and breaks off a 8 yard run! Another one for Boom and he’s over 100 yards! This Eddie Gran guy is alright! I like what Stoops has done with our defense too. I was pretty harsh on him early in the season but I think it was warranted after giving up the big lead against Southern Mississippi and then getting trounced by Florida.

That drive was impressive and we’re up 21-0!!! Running game is going strong! I’m going to say we may have a 200 yard rusher in this game!

This is a strange game and seems to be going by very slow. The time is being kept on the field right now due to scoreboard error. Missouri has had a few decent drives but can’t sustain those drives. They finally get into the endzone with around 2 minutes left before half and it’s 21-7 Cats. The play they scored on seemed like it could’ve been a delay of game penalty but with the clock not working I guess we’ll never know!

So, the two minute offense heads out. Let’s see if they can put up points. Horrible call on 3rd and short by Johnson. Had time and a lane to run for the first, instead he threw it to the sideline.

Johnson drives Kentucky into field goal range and then throws a pick. In other news Louisville is losing 7-10 to Virginia. Half ends 21-7 Cats!

Missouri opens up the 2nd half with a long drive. The Mizzou kicker misses a chip shot!

The 3rd quarter drive for Kentucky has been run, run, run and I love it! Stephen Johnson with a beautiful screen pass to Boom for a TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!! 28-7 CATS!

This is painful to watch for the Tigers. We are having our way with them all over the field! Boom is 33 yards away from 200. Benny is still killing it on the ground too! Snell runs in for the touchdown! 35-7 and it’s going to be crazy in Lexington next week when the Bulldogs come to town! We could be in 1st place in the east if Georgia when’s against Florida. One more game for a bowl game! It’s a great day to be a Wildcat!

Missouri scores and makes the score 35-14. I’m excited to see if Benny or Boom can hit that 200 mark! They are both within 30 yards of that mark as they turn the ball over on downs.

Missouri looks like they want to still win this game and hits a big strike down the field for a touchdown. 35-21 Cats!

Benny came up 8 yards short of the 200 yard mark. FINAL: KENTUCKY 35 Missouri 21. One step closer!!

Mississippi State Live Blog

Tonight’s game will be a key moment in the career of Mark Stoops. Either he turns the corner and starts making big time waves in the conference standings or Kentucky will have its back against the wall for bowl eligibility.

We win the toss and choose to defer. Defense almost gets a turnover but gets the stop!

A great drive that featured a lot of Stephen Johnson and a little of Benny Snell ends with a field goal attempt that drills the upright.

Defense almost gets another turnover but still ends up stopping the Bulldogs.

Offense cannot get going. We almost had a touchdown two or three times but it just hasn’t hit yet. We are winning the field position battle and our defense is doing their job. We just need to hit on a few plays and we can take this game!

Bulldogs flip the field with a great return and Jordan Bonner gets hurt on the play. Mississippi State gets a hashing run up the gut for the score 7-3 Bulldogs.

πŸ‘†This guy is saltyπŸ‘†

Offense is stale to say the least. We need a big spark from our defense!

BENNY SNELL!!!! Already with 68 yards! Moving the ball into the middle of the field. Field goal with 20 seconds left 14-6.

We came out blazing on offense and used a few trick plays to get the touchdown! Another trick play for 2-point conversion comes up a little short. 14-12 Dogs.

πŸ‘†Big recruit taking it in

Defense holds Mississippi State to a field goal and the score is 17-12 Dogs.

Prayers go out to Darryl Williams and his family. He’s been on the ground a long time. #TeamDarryl means more right now.

We drive the field and top it off with BENNY SNELL!!!! 34 yard touchdown!!!! 2-point conversion is GOOD!!!! 20-17 CATS!

Mississippi State answers in a hurry with a 38 yard run from Fitzgerald.

A good report on Darryl Williams as we are told he can move all extremities.

We’re in the middle of an offensive explosion at CWS. Worked our way to midfield thanks to a Ryan Timmons catch and run. Stephen Johnson unloads a pass to the end zone and Badet grabs it for a score!!! 27-24 CATS!!!

On another note, the Cubs are 6 outs away from going to the World Series!!! Can’t believe my fingers just typed that!!!

The music is great at CWS!!! The Law and Order sound when the opponent gets a penalty. Playing Pantera – Walk as the walk off the yards from a penalty. It’s soooo much better than what it has been!!!

PICK 6!!!!!!!! Marcus McWilson takes it to the house!!!! Β 34-24 C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!!!!

CATS get a 3 and out on defense and has the chance to put this one out of reach!

Boom tips a big run and then Benny keeps those legs churning to pick up another first down!

Snell with another one! Eating up clock is huge, getting into the end zone could put this one in the win column! Johnson fumbles the ball at the goal line and the Bulldogs run it all back for the scoop and score…. man! 34-31 Cats. Need to protect the ball here and get in the end zone. Hope SJ has a short memory and just forgets that fumble.

Another big run by Boom!!! And another!!! He’s only had three good runs and he’s 1 yard shy of 100 yards! *Cubs just made it to the World Series!!!* Field goal attempt here will keep it a one possession game. It’s good and we’re up 6. 37-31 Cats, defense needs to hold em here.

Fitzgerald has moved MSU to midfield. Defense has had opportunities to get turnovers and stops but just can’t do it so far. A lot of injuries in this game, still thinking of Darryl Williams, Kentucky needs to stay healthy in this three game stretch. 3 minutes to go and Mississippi State is on the 30 yard line. Big 3rd down with 2:20 left. Westry gets flagged for PI and they get the ball on the 11. Another 3rd down…touchdown Bulldogs… 1:09 left, 38-37 Dogs.

Charles Walker just got tripped by the ref and then SJ gets horse collar tackled with no call. Dorian Baker has a shot in the end zone but drops it. 9 seconds left, big gain to get us in field goal range!! Pressure kick from 51 yards out. It’s GOOOOOD!!!!! ITS GOOOD!!!! ITS GOOOOD!!!!

MACGINNISS you’re a hero!!!

Vandy Live Blog

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Boom Williams has started out great so far! CJ Conrad sighting! Into the red zone with the running game. Just don’t overthink it! Jojo Kemp in the wildcat for a touchdown! Points could be at a premium today so it’s great that we got off to a good start!

Defense starts with letting Webb run for a decent gain. We end up stopping them short and getting the ball back. Can we score again?

Garrett Johnson missed a catch to convert a third down to give the ball back to Vandy. I expect a lot of running from them here, they are around midfield right now. Can we stop Ralph Webb?

Shurmur has moved them close to field goal range, then a penalty pushed them back to force a third a long. We brought pressure off the corner and didn’t get the sack, Shurmur completed the pass for the first down. Alvonte Bell swats the pass away on 3rd down and forces a field goal. Kentucky up 7-3.

Johnson hangs out Blake Bone on 3rd down and we have to punt. THEY FUMBLE THE PUNT!!!

We got the ball back at midfield. Benny Snell is in the game and causing problems for Vandy! Johnson keeps the ball twice in a row for what appears to be a first down. Benny Snell moves the ball into the red zone! Holding the ball here is so pivotal! End of the 1st 7-3 lead and knocking on the door!

Johnson strolls into the endzone to put Kentucky up 14-3!

3 and outs by both squads. Vandy pushing the ball down the field now and already in field goal range. After a penalty Josh Allen comes up with a sack! They punt the ball and we get the ball at the 20.

Now if we can keep the ball for the rest of the half we could go into the locker room with a two score lead! We’re moving the ball down the field and have almost ran out the time. We should be able to add points here. With 36 seconds left MacGinnis comes out for the field goal. It’s good and the Cats are up by two touchdowns! 17-3!

HALFTIME: 17-3 Kentucky

Vandy starts with the ball and doesn’t move it much. Low punt and 3 Wildcats get called for penalties and the good field position gets squandered. Boom fumbles the ball on the first touch and Vandy scoops and scores😳. Things are not looking great right now.

UK is moving the ball well and all of sudden Stephen Johnson throws an interception and gets called for a penalty. They get the ball on our side of the field. A big 4th down here for Vandy. They run and Kentucky stops them!!!!

Kentucky offense is struggling as you can see from Mr. Kirby’s tweet. Vandy will get the ball after JD Harmon had the muffed punt in his hands!

Vandy is driving the whole field and already in the redzone. Kentucky defense holds! Vandy gets the field goal to close the gap.

Johnson runs for a big gain and then misses a wide open Jojo Kemp. I think Drew Barker’s starting spot is safe when he’s healthy!

Jordan Jones comes flying through the line and gets the sack on third down! We get the ball back up 4 with a little over 8 minutes left. It’s Benny time!

Benny is killing it right now! He comes out and Jojo continues his work! Johnson converts on fourth down and there’s almost 3 minutes left. We’re in the redzone and should make this a touchdown lead at the least! Vandy has used all their timeouts and there’s less than two minutes left. Field goal unit on the field to make it a 7 point game. It’s good! 20-13 Kentucky!

Vandy is moving the ball well… I’m nervous 😩! KENTUCKY HOLDS!!!!

FINAL: 20-13 Kentucky Wins!!!!