Football: Ukfansallday’s Exclusive interview with WR commit, Marvin Alexander Jr.

(image courtesy of 247 Sports)

Q: When did you start playing football and when did you realize football was something you wanted to commit to?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I started when I was five years old. I realized that it was something I wanted to commit to when I missed it so much during the off-seasons when I was younger.”

Q: Who in the NFL would you compare yourself to?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I’m not sure but who I try to model my game after is AJ Green (of the Cincinnati Bengals).”

Q: Next up I got a fan question from Ty Buck, what made you want to come to Kentucky?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “The coaching staff, the players and I like the message that they’re giving out to us recruits.”

Q: Another fan question from Ty Buck, what is your favorite pregame pump up song or songs?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “Before every game I listen to “Go Crazy” by Young Jeezy.”

Q: Kentucky has recently had great success with getting guys out of Chaminade-Madonna, getting guys like Akeem Hayes, Davonan Hawkins, Keontra Smith (2019 class), and yourself. Why do you think Kentucky has been able to get so many guys out of there?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I think because we all come from the same program so our mindset is all the same and since visiting UK, we’ve all fell in love and decided that’s where we want to spend our next 3-4 years. Trust me , if we had other players with Kentucky offers we would have many more commits.”

Q: The final question I got for you is what is your message to the BBN and tell us what we can expect from you in the next 3-4 years.

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I can’t wait to be apart of the family! What you can expect for the next 3-4 years is touchdowns on Saturdays.”

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Follow up Article: Jamari Brown commits to Kentucky

(image courtesy of 247sports)

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Kentucky picked up another commitment for its 2018 class, Jamari Brown. The 3 star DB out of South Florida is the second secondary commit in two days, the other being 4 star DB Stanley Garner. This commitment is huge litteraly and figuratively, standing at 6’3, Brown is another South Florida guy Kentucky has gotten and that area is usually dominated by Louisville, Florida, Florida State, and Miami. Prying these past two commits away from there is a huge boost for our recruiting. With this commitment, Kentucky now has the 16th ranked class in the nation according to 247 sports! Another great day to be a cat! Welcome to the BBN, Jamari!

Basketball Recruiting: Marvin Bagley chooses Duke over UCLA and USC.

It’s official, Marvin Bagley is a Duke Blue Devil. With his decision, Duke takes Kentucky’s spot as the top class of 2017 (reclassified from 2018). His decision most likely means Duke will be the favorite for the national title as well as Kentucky, Arizona, etc. Most people believe Bagley takes over Missouri commit, Micheal Porter Jr. as the number 1 player in the 2017 class. More to come on this decision in the coming days. bagley1  (image courtesy of PopScout)

Football Recruiting: Three guys to watch out for this month

Stanley Garner, CB                                                                                                                             

Kentucky has recently been targeting a lot of guys out of Florida and Garner is no exception. Set to make his decision on August 16th, Garner will be deciding between Kentucky, Louisville, Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, and Tennessee. While all six are still in the race, many people seem to believe it will be Kentucky or Louisville who end up getting the 3 star prospect out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Shocky Jacques-Louis, WR

Formerly committed to Kentucky, Shocky’s final five list of schools includes Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Tennessee, and Missouri. While he hasn’t yet announced a commitment date, he’s probably someone you need to keep your eyes on throughout this month of August. As of now it seems Tennessee and Michigan are the front runners however, he committed to Kentucky for a reason the first time and hopefully he’ll be thinking about that when he’s getting ready to decide.

L’Christian “Blue” Smith, ATH                                                                                                          

Definitely the most talked about target of Kentucky’s, Blue will be choosing between Kentucky, Ohio State, Minnesota, Penn State, Tennessee, Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, and Michigan. Right now the front runners seem to be Kentucky and Ohio State and if we were able to pull one of the top kids of Ohio from Ohio State, it could possibly be one of the most important commitments in UK football history. He is considered a 4 or 5 star recruit and will make his commitment announcement on August 27th on ESPN when his high school (Wayne) plays its season opener. Wayne is the same high school that current UK commit, Alex Regielsberger and 2019 CB target Justin Harris play and it may help get Blue to Lexington.

whos next


Football Recruiting: Who should we be confident in?


Kentucky currently has 16 football commits for the class of 2018 but football recruiting can be a roller coaster ride. We’re still a long way away from the early signing period and national signing day so it’s time we take a look at how confident we should be in each commits’ allegiance to the cats. To do this, I’m going to put players into three categories, most confident, confident, and least confident.

1. Alex Regielsberger, DE: Alex has already become a fan favorite interacting with fans on Twitter as well as opening up his DM’s to interact with fans one on one.

2. Akeem Hayes, WR: Flipping from Louisville to Kentucky was a very bold move and he recently stated on Twitter that he has shut down his recruitment. No indication points towards him leaving the cats.

3. Tyler Bentley, DT: Like Alex, he is very interactive with the fans on Twitter and has built a good bond with all of BBN.

4. DeAndre Square, LB: He can play multiple positions on defense like safety or he could be an edge rusher type player.

5. Jarren Williams, QB: Considered one of the more highly touted commits the UK, he has shut down his recruitment and is 100% committed to the cats.

6. Marquan McCall, OG: He picked us over Michigan, end of story.

7. Brendan Bates, TE: Nothing has come out about him that leads me to believe he’s leaving. As of now I see him as a cat but anything could change.

8. Christopher Rodriguez, RB: Kentucky’s most recent commit and the only RB in the class, no reason he would want to leave.

9. Marvin Alexander, WR: Being teammates with two other UK commits (Akeem Hayes and Davoan Hawkins) should help keep all three in Lexington.

10. Darian Kinnard, OT: I honestly feel very confident about all the O line commits ending up in UK blue but until we get a full recruitment shutdown, yet I’m not ready to put Darian in the most confident area.

11. Quinton Wilson, C: Read above. Same explanation here.

12. Keaton Upshaw, TE: Kentucky has had some luck with good tight ends and Keaton has the potential to be another.

13. Dom Williams, CB: Getting a JUCO player never hurts, just look how Stephen Johnson turned out. No reason to believe a change of commitment is coming from him.

14. Chance Poore, K: Chance has recently been rising as a recruit as he has shown off his big leg. College football powerhouses may soon take a look at him. It will be interesting to find out if they can pry him away from the cats.

15. Davoan Hawkins, DE: Davoan recently impressed at a Miami (FL) camp and it now seems the Hurricanes will end up getting the services of Davoan.

16. Xavier Peters, OLB: In one of the weirdest commitments I’ve seen, Xavier committed on July 4th and then the next day he had taken down all his posts on Twitter regarding to him committing to Kentucky. I really don’t know what’s going to happen with him but I can’t wait to find out!

I defiantly believe this class stays intact for the most part. There are also some commitments coming up soon that turn out to be great news for all of BBN. Overall, this class will be in the top 20 and continue to build towards special things for the UK football program.

Top 5 Basketball Recruit has UK in top Schools


Cam Reddish is a 5 Star SF from Norristown, PA. It looks like he is a Duke lean right now but never count out John Calipari. The 6’8″ forward has done nothing but show out during the circuit including a 44 point performance at the Peach Jam.


Let’s all hope that Coach Cal can pull this one out and bring this guy to the right Blue and White.

cam (2)

Zion Williamson really likes Immanuel Quickley; Day 2 of the talk about them playing together brought major news



Yesterday’s news hit all over the cricut of Zion Williamson and Immanuel Quickley playing college ball together. Many interviews stated this. Not only that but it was coming straight from the two boys themselves.

Quickley took to social media to break the twitter world with one tweet…

Then following that Zion decided to take to snapchat to tease fans even more..


During multiple interviews both guys seemed to have the other in mind. Zion says Quickley is his favorite point guard. It is also no secret and no joke that they do really want to play together in college.

The craziness continues today as Zion was interviewed by Kyle Tucker of SECcountry.

Check out the full story below, you won’t wanna miss this.

This has to be a good sign for Kentucky since they are the favorite to land Quickely and he is planning to decide fairly soon. Quickley has also said that he does not have a 2-3-4 school on his list.

Not only that, but Zion’s momma approves of Kentucky and is friends with Immanuel’s parents. If we know anything, parents often win it seems.


What would a dynamic duo like this starting for Kentucky next season mean? Take a look, but imagine this on the same team.