Bam Adebayo arrives in Miami


Bam and his mom arrive in Miami and get a warm welcome from Pat Riley himself.







Kentucky Draft Night: Bam Adebayo is a…



Bam Adebayo is headed to…. the Miami Heat.

He was selected 14th overall.

We wish him nothing but the best of luck. We know he’ll have a long NBA career.



Kentucky takes over the NBA draft tonight!


We’ve gotten glimpses of the boys all day today and they just keep on coming. Good luck tonight guys. We’re proud. Our boys are all grown up.



A small glimpse at what Malik Monk chose to wear on draft night


If you notice in the snapchat while Fox is trying to show off Bam Adebayo’s outfit instead of his own, Malik Monk’s sitting next Bam.

It looks like at least two of the boys went for pretty normal attire tonight.




Anthony Davis says toss the draft boards, he has the right order


Anthony Davis gives Kentucky players in tomorrow nights draft some great grades.

A+’s from Davis for everyone.


To bad he didn’t continue and write Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis on that list also.

Nothing makes me smile bigger and be more proud to be a Kentucky fan than former Kentucky greats repping the blue and white boys still. #LaFamilia

Malik Monk joins Adebayo and Fox in the shoe department

images (4)

Malik Monk officially signed with Nike today.

Bam Adebayo Signs Nike Deal



Two Wildcats are now signed with Nike. Bam tweeted today that he too along with Fox would sign a Nike deal.

Congrats Bam.