Bam Adebayo does it again


Bam Adebayo may have not been able to get a flow of shooting in the game but he lived at the free throw line again today.

He went 13 pts (11-14 FT), 3 rebs, 1 ast, 2 blks in 29 mins of play.

His points however didn’t do justice to what he actually did in the game.

He swatted away so many shots

He fought for the ball, almost literally..

It’s good to see Bam keep shining and pushing on when he can’t always get shots to fall. Being money from the free throw line is always a good problem to have.

Go Cats!



Bam Adebayo showing everything that he’s made of in Miami Summer League


Bam Adebayo does it again today.

He scored 12pts, 3rebs in the first quarter alone, got a massive rebound from two Pacers players that he was sandwiched in between and made all five free throws. It’s safe to say (like Kentucky fans already knew) Bam will have a massive and explosive NBA career.

Bam has a Euro step?

2nd quarter action went like this: Bam Adebayo goes to the free throw line once again–makes the first and misses the second (being the first miss from the line of the game) for him. Missed another free throw but got another rebound. Another Bam rebound, and fouled on the rebound. Another missed free throw, another made one. He didn’t play as much in the 2nd quarter though.

16pts, 5rebs, 2blocks, 1 steal at the end of the 2nd half. 15 minutes.

8-11 from the free throw line.


3rd quarter action: Fouled by Stokes for the 70th time, literally. Bam rebound. Made free throw, made free throw. Bam fouled yet again, another two made free throws. They can’t stop him. Bam fouled again by Leaf on an and-1 dunk, missed free throw. Missed jumper. A made big time slam down.

He finished the third quarter with 24pts, 10rebs total.

4th quarter action: The game got close but Bam didn’t stop. Bam slam and-1 to put the Heat within 5 at 23.2 secs.

He finished the game with 29pts, 11rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 2blks in 31 minutes.


Bam’s motor clearly never stops. Many of the highlights of the game, were of him dominating.

The Heat assistant is absolutely correct.


Bam Adebayo officially signs


Bam Adebayo officially signs with the Heat.

The contract was worth $2.5 million.


Bam Adebayo arrives in Miami


Bam and his mom arrive in Miami and get a warm welcome from Pat Riley himself.







Kentucky Draft Night: Bam Adebayo is a…



Bam Adebayo is headed to…. the Miami Heat.

He was selected 14th overall.

We wish him nothing but the best of luck. We know he’ll have a long NBA career.



Kentucky takes over the NBA draft tonight!


We’ve gotten glimpses of the boys all day today and they just keep on coming. Good luck tonight guys. We’re proud. Our boys are all grown up.



A small glimpse at what Malik Monk chose to wear on draft night


If you notice in the snapchat while Fox is trying to show off Bam Adebayo’s outfit instead of his own, Malik Monk’s sitting next Bam.

It looks like at least two of the boys went for pretty normal attire tonight.