Summer League: De’Aaron Fox makes his debut, Skal Labissiere makes plays, Hawkins doesn’t play


De’Aaron Fox plays in his first game since leaving Kentucky and first of his long NBA career and did exactly what we expected. Skal Labissiere played some good minutes and had some great dishes from Fox. Dominique Hawkins on the Kings also, did not play tonight.

De’Aaron Fox finished with 18 pts (7-16 FG), 3 rebs , 4 asts , 5 steals, 1 blk  in 26 minutes of play

Skal Labissiere finished with 10 pts (4-9 FG), 1 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 2 blks in 28 minutes of play.

Dominique Hawkins DNP by way of coaches decision.

A look at his first bucket as an NBA player, and it looks quite familiar…

Yes, if you guessed a fast outbreak 2 point shot, you were correct.

And he ran so fast he lost his own shoe..

De’Aaron Fox blocks Josh Jackson, this should make you smile..

He sat pretty much all of the 2nd quarter so he wasn’t as explosive as he could have been then but made up for it.

Kentucky to Kentucky and Skal with some smooth moves..

Swipa out here swiping away everything

Blink your eyes and he is gone..

Lightening quick speed doesn’t stop in the NBA for Fox.. not even the slow motion technique can slow him down to normal speed.

The one thing they said Fox couldn’t do at Kentucky he can do pretty perfect now..

Fox is the best player in this entire draft this season.. easily.

Skal and 1 looking really pretty

Skal blocks Josh Jackson also just like Fox did earlier in the evening..

Sorry for all the highlights but they were too good not to share.

It’s easily safe to say Fox will have a long very enjoyable and energetic career. He will be making GM’s scratch their heads for years for passing on him.

Fox’s postgame interview is below:

Gosh, I miss this kid, so well spoken. He’s definitely found his spotlight to shine in. 🦊


Where to watch former Wildcats in NBA Summer League action tonight 



6 p.m. ET on NBA TV- Raptors (Mulder) vs. Pelicans (Young)

8 p.m. ET on NBA TV- Nets (Goodwin)

10:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2- Kings (Fox, Hawkins, Labissiere)

Two Elite Programs

Kentucky is the first SEC school since 2006, to have a Top 5 pick from both it’s Men and Women’s basketball programs. Evelyn Akhator and De’Aaron Fox.



De’Aaron Fox arrives in Sacramento


De’Aaron Fox arrived in his new home of California today. The Sacramento Kings organization and fans were absolutely blown away to have gotten Fox with the 5th pick last night.

Our Wildcat hearts could be happy and broken at the same time, Phoenix Suns trade

De’Aaron Fox has been said to be in the mix with the Phoenix Suns at the 4th pick in tonight’s draft, and Kentucky fans couldn’t be happier. But Chad Ford says not so fast, he seems to think that if the Suns draft Fox it means an Eric Bledsoe trade will come.

The Phoenix “Wildcats” is what we had known them as for quite some time, but of course with all the guards being drafted we had to know our fun would soon end.

If the Suns take De’Aaron Fox at 4, then they got someone to bite on a Eric Bledsoe trade. Denver & Chicago were engaged with them today. If they can’t swing a deal, Josh Jackson is a more likely pick at 4 … if he’s there.

Chad Ford

So what do Kentucky fans do tonight, cheer for Fox to go to Phoenix anyway, or hope they draft Josh Jackson instead.

A “One of kind” player taking a jab at Louisville on draft day, We’ll miss him.


Fox was interviewed about his attire in the video below, while doing so Louisville’s Donovan Mitchell came up behind him. Fox decides to take a “playful” jab at UL on draft day.

Another Rumor, yet again. Where will De’Aaron Fox land?


According to Basketball insider Steve Kyler, the Lakers still haven’t promised Lonzo Ball that they are taking him with the second pick.

However, no one in the NBA actually thinks they’ll shock the world and take De’Aaron Fox, including myself…