Football: Who Needs to Step up after Dorian Baker Injury?

(picture courtesy of UK Athletics)

If you haven’t heard already, Dorian Baker came down with a servere injury and it doesn’t look good. It seems as if it’s going to be an injury that will take the senior out for the year. Baker has always had potential and people thought this would be the year he could finally break out. With this injury, Stoops said he now expects to play four freshman wide receivers this season. Now it’s time to raise the question, who’s going to step up?

Kayuane Ross

After an impressive first half in the Southern Miss game last season, Ross fell off tremendously and rarely saw the field after that game. Hopes are back up for Ross after an impressive spring game and he’s had a great fall camp. I put Ross first on the list mainly because he has the same play style as Dorian. With a staggering height of 6’6, Ross should be a red zone threat and he’ll be able to go up and make a spectacular catch like Dorian Baker. It’ll be interesting to watch how much he improves and if he can step up in Dorian’s place.

Tavin Richardson

Tavin’s story is almost exact to Kayuane Ross’. After an impressive game from him in the Southern Miss game, he also fell off and never really got back to how he played in that game. Richardson may have the best hands on the team as he showcased multiple times last year he can go up and make an impossible grab. When he gets on the field this season, it’ll be up to him to show everyone how great he can truly be. I was already expecting a big year for Tavin and this makes me believe that even more now.

Garrett “Juice” Johnson

This one may seem like a stretch but with Dorian out, Juice becomes the sole number one wide receiver and the larder of this group. Johnson has always been a top guy but he’s always had someone to help him lead out there with him. Guys like Javess Blue, Dorian Baker, Jeff Badet, etc. have always been able to help out Juice with the responsibility with leading the wide reciever corps and now it’s all on him to lead. Blake Bone should help out a little bit but Bone hasn’t played in game changing plays like Juice has. It shouldn’t be an issue for Juice to step up in being the number one reciever but it’s time to find out he’ll take the role of being the leader.

Blake Bone

This is it for Blake Bone. If he doesn’t succeed this season then his dreams of playing in the NFL will most likely be up. I really want him to succeed and he now has a great chance to do so. Bone has a lot of potential and now it’s time for him to go to the next level. I really hope he does well this season!

Kentucky has a lot of guys who can step up but I believe these guys need to step up the most for our reciever group to succeed. Guys like Lynn Bowden, CJ Conrad, Josh Ali, and Isaiah Epps should take the load off for these guys which should result in a successful season for the wide reciever group. Stephen Johnson or whoever ends up playing impact in how they succeed of course. I hope for full and speedy recovery for Dorian! Get well soon! 


Football: Ukfansallday’s Exclusive interview with WR commit, Marvin Alexander Jr.

(image courtesy of 247 Sports)

Q: When did you start playing football and when did you realize football was something you wanted to commit to?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I started when I was five years old. I realized that it was something I wanted to commit to when I missed it so much during the off-seasons when I was younger.”

Q: Who in the NFL would you compare yourself to?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I’m not sure but who I try to model my game after is AJ Green (of the Cincinnati Bengals).”

Q: Next up I got a fan question from Ty Buck, what made you want to come to Kentucky?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “The coaching staff, the players and I like the message that they’re giving out to us recruits.”

Q: Another fan question from Ty Buck, what is your favorite pregame pump up song or songs?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “Before every game I listen to “Go Crazy” by Young Jeezy.”

Q: Kentucky has recently had great success with getting guys out of Chaminade-Madonna, getting guys like Akeem Hayes, Davonan Hawkins, Keontra Smith (2019 class), and yourself. Why do you think Kentucky has been able to get so many guys out of there?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I think because we all come from the same program so our mindset is all the same and since visiting UK, we’ve all fell in love and decided that’s where we want to spend our next 3-4 years. Trust me , if we had other players with Kentucky offers we would have many more commits.”

Q: The final question I got for you is what is your message to the BBN and tell us what we can expect from you in the next 3-4 years.

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I can’t wait to be apart of the family! What you can expect for the next 3-4 years is touchdowns on Saturdays.”

I really enjoyed doing this article and getting to speak with Marvin! Please follow our site on twitter which is @ukfansallday  If you want to follow me on twitter, please do at @BradenNeviusBBN Once again I want to thank Marvin for taking the time to do this interview for us! Go Cats!

Follow up Article: Jamari Brown commits to Kentucky

(image courtesy of 247sports)

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Kentucky picked up another commitment for its 2018 class, Jamari Brown. The 3 star DB out of South Florida is the second secondary commit in two days, the other being 4 star DB Stanley Garner. This commitment is huge litteraly and figuratively, standing at 6’3, Brown is another South Florida guy Kentucky has gotten and that area is usually dominated by Louisville, Florida, Florida State, and Miami. Prying these past two commits away from there is a huge boost for our recruiting. With this commitment, Kentucky now has the 16th ranked class in the nation according to 247 sports! Another great day to be a cat! Welcome to the BBN, Jamari!

Live From Kentucky Football Fan Day

Every year Kentucky puts on a special event that’s geared toward the faithful BBN crowd. Fan Day has become one of my favorite events to go to and every year I get my poster signed by as many players/coaches as possible. I’ll be putting pictures and maybe videos up As the day goes by. Stay tuned!

It’s 7:20 and there are about 30 fans in line ALREADY!

One fan is ready to meet Blake Bone! 

Her name Destinee and she’s from Winchester. You can follow her on twitter @destineerd99

Crowd update: 8:10 AM

There’s about 100 or so fans in line.

The line is  All the way back to the training facility!!!!

All in all the day was a success! I’m sure I’m like many other fans of Kentucky Football. We all just can not wait til it’s once again FOOTBALL TIME IN THE BLUEGRASS!!!!

2017 Kentucky Football Preview

The team is ready for the start of this ride. 2017 will be the year of the Cats! BBN has been pointing to this year and everything is falling into place for this to be a special season. I wanted to take a second to look at the season and give my win/loss prediction. Also, I will look at the roster and give out some preseason trophies.

Southern Miss September 2nd Hattiesburg, MS

This is part of a huge meltdown that started off 2016 leaving a bitter taste in Kentucky Football fans mouths. It led to Stoops taking over the defensive playing and the injury of Drew Barker. Both of which turned out to be exactly what that team needed to get to the nest level of intensity. Southern Miss will return their dynamic runner Ito Smith who, like our own Benny Snell, is on the preseason Doak Walker watch list. He ran all over Kentucky last year netting 173 yards on 36 carries. With Nick Mullens, the Golden Eagles talented quarterback last year, moving on to the training camp squad for the 49ers, that means we should see plenty of Ito Smith down in Hattiesburg. I predict that we control the tempo with Benny and AJ Rose and our defense finds Smith on every play to bring the win back to Kentucky (Where it’s supposed to be)!

Prediction: Win

Eastern Kentucky September 9th Lexington, KY

I was in Commonwealth Stadium the last time my alma mater came to town and punched Kentucky in the mouth. The building is no longer Commonwealth Stadium (no matter how much I, along with others, detest it) and I don’t see this game being close. If the football program wants to have success they need to take care of games like this one. We should be able to rest our workhorses towards the end of this one.

Prediction: Win

South Carolina September 16th Columbia, SC

The Gamecocks have taken a step back in the SEC since the Ol’ Ball Coach left them high and dry. Last year Kentucky took care of business against South Carolina at home but this year Will Muschamp will have his team ready for revenge and the home field advantage. Skai Moore will be a big factor in the outcome of this game as well. He was sidelined all last year with a neck injury.

It is kinda funny to look at the Gamecock Football Twitter profile on a post about their conference and home opener. I think I saw more comments about getting drunk than revenge for Kentucky beating them for the last three years.

Prediction: Win

Florida September 23rd Lexington, KY

This is a big one. I was there for the Georgia game last year, I was there for the South Carolina game in 2014, and I was there for the Georgia game in 2006 when the BBN tore the goal post down. Now, I will be there for when the streak ends. I know, I missed the Tennessee streak ending and the LSU win but the ones I have noted were special atmospheres that I myself got to take in. Florida will come in as the favorite and will have more talent than us on the field. Something not a lot of teams will be able to say this year. I just believe that this is going to be the year we end this ridiculous losing streak and earn a place at the top of our conference. They are replacing 8 starters on defense, who knows who their quarterback will be at that point, and Jim McElwain will be wondering where all the fish are.


Prediction: WIN!

Eastern Michigan September 30th Lexington, KY

This should be a great game to get our work horses some much needed rest.

Prediction: Win

Missouri October 7th Lexington, KY

I hate to have two short ones in a row but…

Prediction: Win

Mississippi State October 21st Starkville, MS

After the mid season break Kentucky’s schedule gets a lot harder. At this point I have Kentucky at 6-0 and most people I know are predicting at least 5-1 coming into the Mississippi State game. Playing in Starkville against an always tough Bulldog squad won’t be easy but I think Stoops has Mullen’s number. Our talent just keeps rising and Dan Mullen’s squad to a big dip after Dak Prescott left for the NFL. I think it’ll be close and will probably come down to the wire.

Prediction: Win

Tennessee October 28th Lexington, KY

Much like Stoops has Mullen’s number I unfortunately believe Butch Jones has Stoops number. It seems crazy to think that Kentucky Football could be in the spot this late in the season to be a real contender but I think that it will happen. Tennessee could be a major road block though. They will have a new quarterback and a new offensive coordinator though and moving the ball could be difficult for the Volunteers. I could see this one being way closer than many of our past meetings, I just don’t know if Stoops will be able to close this one out.

Prediction: Loss

Ole Miss November 4th Lexington,KY

Hugh Freeze made a huge mistake contacting an escort service from his University provided cell phone. Things are in disarray down there and I believe it’ll be a great opportunity for Kentucky to beat a West opponent.

Prediction: Win

Vanderbilt November 11th Nashville, TN

The last time Kentucky went to Nashville to take on the Commodores we came up short. Derek Mason has his squad in a position where they can win or lose any game they play. They always play tough and the grind of the season could be a formula for an upset for Kentucky. It’ll take some key players stepping up and dragging their team with them to beat Vandy in this battle. They may have the happiest students but I doubt Derek Mason will be very happy after this one.

Prediction: Win

Georgia November 18th Athens, GA

Last year Commonwealth was rocking for this game. It was the best feeling I have had about the sport of football in my life. Georgia took all that in and smacked us in the mouth. This has the potential of being the top two teams in the east battling it out to see who is the top dog. Unfortunately for Kentucky, I think Kirby Smart will have his team ready to defend Uga’s home between the hedges.

Prediction: Loss

Louisville November 25th Lexington, KY

Lamar Jackson won the Heisman last year. Lamar Jackson wowed audiences all season long. Lamar Jackson fumbled the ball. Lamar Jackson is coming to Kroger Field. This game will be another huge battle with a lot on the line. Can Kentucky have a 2 loss season? Can Kentucky secure a BCS bowl game? Has Louisville lost it’s edge in the state? I would love to say that Kentucky will roll out with a victory against the Cardinals for the 2nd straight year. So, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M GOING TO DO!


For those keeping tally that puts Kentucky at a 10-2 record. A huge step forward for the program and exactly what the members of BBN have been wanting. With all the talent we have coming in I think this is just the start!



MVP: Benny Snell🐌
Best Offensive Player: Benny Snell🐌
Best Defensive Player: Jordan Jones
Breakout Star: Blake Bone 👻
Best Newcomer: Clevan Thomas

Kentucky Football: Start Times Announced for 1st 3 Games

4 PM on CBS will kick things off down in Mississippi, then a noon kickoff for the in state battle against Eastern, and finally the SEC opener in Columbia, South Carolina against the Gamecocks will be at 7:30! 

Kentucky Football: Is it September Yet?

September 2nd will mark the beginning of a huge year for Mark Stoops’ program. From what I’ve seen the players, coaches, trainers, media, and fans are ready for the season to start. In the coming weeks we will have a full season preview, a look at our roster, and an overview of the current recruits. Until then let me know what you think our Win/loss record will be this year.